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Luxury Yacht interior design from the Yacht Vive la Vie


The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design

 I guess, every yacht is specific with its luxury yacht interior design at first, but this one is something more than a luxury yacht interior design. Vive la Vie project is a tribute to the luxury yacht interior design ideas with its amazing construction, gorgeous decoration and beautiful furniture. So, it could be a sin, if you miss to check out this amazing masterpiece – take a look at it – dreaming and looking is still for free.

The luxury yacht interior design of Vive la Vie impresses with both – its color scheme and the materials that are used for its creation. Actually, the creators are people from Art-Line Interiors studio, as the main leaders of the projects are Marilyn Bos-de Vaal and Frank Pieterse. They present their own idea of luxury yacht interior design by giving the world an amazing and extremely vanguard present – the Vive la Vie yacht.

The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design


Luxury Living room decoration and interior design

Vive la Vie yacht is a creative and artistic, because it looks like a home, like a glamorous club and meanwhile it is still just a yacht – though it is not little at all according to the information about its sizes and volume. And yet, it does consist of enough premises – for fun, for relaxation and for running it, as well. The built in night club, the restaurant and the romantic bedrooms are arranged and decorated according to the rich clients` requirements.

Living room luxury interior


Luxury Living room furniture and design

In addition to these things, Vive la Vie yacht hides even more extras – a swimming pool, a spa and even a professional kitchen box created for the best cook shelves in the world – this will proved the desired vacation. At night this swimming show room or a place for being a VIP person is lighting and sparkling, so the people, who pass by you, can only envy you for the yacht possess.



The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design


The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design


The Luxury diningroom interior design


The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design

The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie interior design


The Luxury bedroom interior design



The Luxury bathroom interior design




The Luxury bedroom interior design



Captains Bridge interior design


Luxury yackt interior design



Kitchen interior


Staircase design



Outdoor dining area


The engine



White luxury yacht interior design


Upper deck



The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie


The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie



The Luxury Yacht Vive la Vie 3rd deck

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