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The living room – modern and luxury interior design

Devising a project of luxury apartment interior design is a challenge for the architect, taking this task. The need for combining the architectural properties, views and taste of the owner and the requirements for the quality and outlook of a modern apartment interior often result in beautiful, functional and intelligent interior decision.

The architects of Hemonides Applied Arts have been put forth the task of giving a contemporary style to an apartment, which is situated in the centre of Nicosia, in a quieter and isolated part of the Cyrus capital, on the ground floor of a large apartment building. Creating a better distribution in the apartment must answer to the requirement of not polluting the environment. It is also important to create a space, in which arts take up a centre place. This is the true essence of luxury apartment interior design.

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Luxury interior design


The living room – modern and luxury interior design

The lighting in the rooms, where the books and pieces of art are situated, gathered by the owner from various countries, plays a big role in creating a pleasant atmosphere and is in correlation with the qualities and style of the rest of the house. The mobile library drawer, covering the walls, with different lined up books in terms of size and colour ensures the transmission of natural light and ventilation of the office through the sliding doors. The spacious room is at the same time well isolated, so that there can be a good working and reading atmosphere. The warm brown colour, the soft synthetic lighting, the white library drawers and the light modern furniture are a distinguishing feature of the modern apartment interior. A minimalistic interior crib has been created for the pieces of art, where they are the accent and main element.

In unison with the decisions of the modern apartment interior, the bedroom is designed and decorated in white, with the only colour spot again being a work of art. The bathroom and kitchen are in a white and brown colour scheme and the accenting element in the kitchen is an original pendant light fitting. Interior and exterior are shifting in the course of the design configuration and are contributing in devising a luxury apartment interior design to answer all the requirements of a modern home.

Dining room design


Dining room – contemporary and luxury design



Home office – modern and luxury interior design


Bedroom interior design


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Bathroom – contemporary and luxury design


Bathroom interior design

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