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This luxurious family home was constructed amid vast tracts of glorious wooded countryside.  It is situated in Boulder Colorada, an area known for its dramatic and breathtaking wide open spaces. This magnificent house is set in 12 acres of uninterrupted ranchland, ensuring that it benefits from two main life enhancing features, total privacy and tranquility. The architect’s main aim was to make certain that the family were provided with a cosy and intimate living space for their own enjoyment and for entertaining their guests. Therefore, this luxurious house would become a haven from which to enjoy the natural surroundings but not be overwhelmed by the forces of nature.

To create the desired personalized and secure atmosphere, the dominating building material is that of a rusticated limestone. The heavily textured and rough hewn blocks add a sense of permanence and warmth to both the exterior and interior of this very modern construction. A wealth of materials have been selected and combined to provide an elegant home which is rich in character throughout its luxury interior. The diverse range of materials includes exposed metal beams and vast walls of glass through which to enjoy the spectacular views. Rich dark wood features throughout the luxury interior design scheme and to provide contrast with the rustic stonework, sleek shiny floors add a sense of refinement and finesse to the home.

Modern house design of The Kennedy Residence


Modern house design

As mature woodland is a feature of the site the house had to be constructed to fit in with a number of ancient trees, felling these wasn’t an option.  Happily this directed the floorplan and general composition to take on an organic element that fused well with the immediate environment. There are three main spacious wings which are interconnected via the entrance hall area. To add an extra sense of intimacy the kitchen becomes the warm heart of the house whilst the dining area and living area are on the periphery enabling maximum enjoyment of the expansive grounds and dramatic natural scenery.

The super luxurious interior design scheme centres on the marriage of diverse tactile elements and also on a perfect fusion of rustic charm and ‘hi tech’ fittings and appliances. The kitchen is a prime example of this.  Stainless steel and cool marble contrast the rough quality of the walls, subtle hidden light fittings supplement the natural illumination. These emphasise the wealth of exciting textures in the materials used in this luxury interior design scheme.  Informal seating areas include huge comfy sofas that add an element of softness and comfort contrasting the very solid unyielding surroundings.  The dining room is crisply presented with simple but elegant furnishings, again these are wonderfully contrasted by the exposed limestone walls.

The key to the success of this luxurious interior design scheme is largely down to the selection and combination of simple but high quality materials.  None of these are remarkable in isolation but when fused together the resulting appearance is powerful but at the same time welcoming and reassuring.


By architect Sarah Semple Brown of Denver, United States

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