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Clever Design Ways with Wallpaper – Revive your Home with Pattern

Wallpapers design ideas

 Whether you are normally a fan of wallpaper or not , these novel design ways with wallpaper, can’t fail to capture your imagination.  Paper wall coverings are escaping from the conventional niche and being applied to many different areas in the house.

Clever Design Ways with Wallpaper

Wallpaper for modern home

From making a Fine art statement with wallpaper, to using it in to make a decorative room divider, all these projects are quick and relatively easy to do.  You will be able to totally transform areas of your home with pattern highlights.  Read on to see how versatile a few rolls of patterned wallpaper can be.


Funky Closet Decoration with Wallpaper

Contemporary closet design idea

I you try the first design way with wallpaper, you will probably never want to close the door on your lovely closet.  A bold and colorful wallpaper remnant has been used cleverly to create a feature of this everyday storage unit.  The contrast of the crisp white shelves against the organic flowing pattern is highly attractive.  What a lovely touch.


This is an unusual idea but one that creates a dramatic focal point in a doorway. Here a plain paneled door has become an eye catching ‘art installation’.  The Japanese style wallpaper is inspired by nature and the unfussy color combination of white and blue makes a powerful visual statement.  The vertical emphasis in the pattern has the effect of making the door, and therefore the room, seem taller.  The paper has been trimmed precisely to fit exactly within the panel area of the door, leaving a bold white ‘frame’ to add definition to this stunning design way with wallpaper.

Sensational Stairs

Modern wallpaper design

Wallpapering the stairs? Surely this is not a great idea. But think again, this off beat design way with wallpaper offers you a great way to introduce pattern to your stairs without having to lay carpets.  Pasted to the riser below each tread, this cheerful and warm patterned paper adds a welcoming touch to an area dominated by plain surfaces and regular geometry.  This idea creates a lively and relaxed impression,


Feature Fine Art Prints

Stylish wallpaper design for living room

Wallpaper is art, before a wallpaper design is repeated endlessly it is conceived as a single image much like any other art piece.   This design way with wallpaper is simply reversing the process by isolating one distinctive pattern and then featuring it in a frame.  Gorgeous!  This is a fabulous way of bringing a tasteful hint of pattern to your room without overdoing it.


Dramatic Pattern Defines Shelving

Wallpapers decoration ideas for kitchen

This atmospheric room feature relies solely on the introduction of a strong pattern to liven up a shelving area.  This particular pattern has a retro appeal which both highlights and defines the storage area. Although the pattern is quite intense, the neutral color combination makes the perfect backdrop to display all manner of books and colorful objects.


Super Decorative Room Divider

Divider covered with wallpaper
Turn a practical room divider into a conversation piece by papering it in a whimsical large-scale pattern. The screen becomes a super-stylish way to demarcate different living zones in a small space.


Perfectly Practical Table Covering 

Wallpaper design ideas for contemporary home interior

When placed under glass, large wallpaper remnants make for a low-maintenance “tablecloth” that can be easily changed out to suit the occasion or colour palette. And because it won’t stain or wrinkle, this idea works well for families with young kids prone to spills.


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