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Modern Interior Design EastWest Studios by STARCK

History of the contemporary home – this is what the modern interior design can turn a house into. Every new owner adds his own perspective of the house he lives in, models it in his own pattern and leaves his impressions in it. And that’s how the house is turned into a unique blend of styles and designer decisions. This is the fate of a house in Manhattan, New York, which has changed its owners on multiple occasions. Their designer ideas have turned it into a contemporary architecture icon and today it is being looked at as an art artefact, portraying a modern interior design.

White Kitchen interior Design


Minimalist White Modern Interior Design – Kitchen from Townhouse am Friedrichswerder                                 Interior: wiewiorra hopp architekten photographer: Thorsten Klapsch

The unique effect has been achieved through various transformations, which the house has been subjected to by its different owners, now had become a model of modern interior design. The living-room has been used not solely for traditional gatherings, but has also been a fashion stage and for that purpose it has been covered with reinforcing oak coverings. The value of the house comes from the fact that each owner has brought in his own views, without changing the architect’s initial idea, but rather complementing it. It is based on the respect to the previous owners’ ideas, the strife to keep everything valuable in place and enrich it by adding new elements for achieving better quality. Style, elegancy and artistic appeal are all key points of the house’s modern interior design.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design


Modern Bedroom Interior Design from Residence in Amsterdam photographer: © Marcel Wanders              Designer: Marcel Wanders

An appropriate exterior configuration is required to correlate to the modern interior design. The placement of the house adds to the easier achievement of all of the valuable ideas. The house blends in well with the natural surroundings. The glass walls have contributed to making the connection between nature and the house. The greenery on the outside, which is present in every room, acts like the background to the interior outlook. The blend between interior and exterior is well thought out and excellently brought into fruition. There is really nothing more to be added to a house such as this, which has become an icon of the modern interior design.

B. Angelov

Modern interior design HealthCenter


      Modern interior design from Siemens Healthcenter photographer Frank Alexander Rümmele                                 Design team: LightLife GmbH Antonius Quodt

White Contemporary Interior design


White Contemporary Interior design from Zebar Shanghai Chief architect: Francesco Gatti photographer: © Daniele Mattioli

Modern Living Room Interior Design


Modern Living Room Interior Design from Duplex in Genève. Architectes : Atelier Siebold Architecte Genève Svetlana & Boris Siebold

Modern Bedroom Interior Design


Modern Bedroom Interior Design from Cityloft München VAIN INTERIORS

Modern House Interior Design


Modern House Interior Design from Nagano, Japan A project by: no.555 Architecture


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