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Modern house architecture by Christopher Simmonds Architect


The modern architecture house Fraser Residence

This modern and luxury house architecture is located in Ontario, Canada. The interesting project is a work of Christopher Simmonds Architect. The building a very modern living space and has all the amenities needed for today’s lifestyle. Fraser Residence is located on a sloping site, and this fact sets some of its specifics as for example, the construction of the garage into the lower level of the terrain. This modern house architecture includes also an elongated porch, comfortable and chic outdoor living spaces, and an interior in a modern minimalist style.


The modern architecture house Fraser Residence

One of the biggest advantages of this modern house architecture is that it determines a great simplicity of the lines of both exterior and interior. The living spaces are designed with great style and of course, without compromising on their functionality. Dark oak floors add a warmth and comfort of the situation and the enormous windows allow sunlight to reach every corner of the common living spaces. That is an excellent example of modern design и modern house architecture.


Landscape design

The modern interior design and the clean, geometric lines give the room a stylish look. The furnishing of the living area is very elegant, with black leather sofa and carpet with contemporary colours and patterns. The walls attract the eye with their brightness and whiteness, and the creative atmosphere is accentuated by modern paintings. The kitchen area can also impress visitors with its modern interior design.


Modern interior design Fraser Residence

The modern interior design and minimalist lines of the white kitchen surfaces, as and elegant chairs have a strong emotional impact and provoke the imagination. The house has a great internal staircase and it formed additional areas, also furnished with taste, in accordance with the modern interior design to the rest of the premises.


Modern kitchen interior design


Modern kitchen interior design


Interior design


Living room interior design


Staircase with minimalist white design


Entrence of the Fraser Residence

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