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Minimalist office design multi-tenant building in Hiroshima


MORI x hako is a minimalist office design idea coming straight from the rich Japanese catalog of trends, traditions and basic conceptions for a place where beauty, coziness and elegance are connected in an almost organic and natural way. If you are interested in minimalistic office design conceptions came for the past decade, this will open your eyes and you will observe a different approach into the working process as a process which can be influenced by everything.


Minimalist and modern multi-tenant office building

Minimalist office design ideas in Japan are usually simple and even a little bit plain. Though, this one – MORI x hako – is not simple, and not plain, either. MORI x hako is coming with a stunning construction of the building, inspiring exterior and odd interior designs for each premise inside. The minimalist office design idea of MORI x hako is a long, long working in progress project designed and realized by UID Architects.

Minimalist modern office design


This is not the first minimalistic office design idea, coming directly from the portfolio of UID Architects. The Hiroshima based studio posses a big amount of such conception but this one is really worth it and deserves to be honored with the best minimalist office design idea for Japanese office place award. Eco friendly materials, soft and amazing color scheme and a brilliant organization of the furniture and decors – all these things are implicated in the MORI x hako project.

Contemporary Japanese interior design


Minimalist architecture and design from Japan

The minimalistic office design idea MORI x hako gathers Bohemian style, classical choice for furniture and the extra ordinary way for arrangement of them. The wooden materials – oak, bamboo and teak – are dominating and the real plants are serving for the nice and pleasant decoration. Thus how this minimalist office design idea is at one hand looks like a normal office place building but looking inside its modular separation in boxes for each functional place we may say that it is odd and nice.


Design: Keisuke Maeda / UID architects

Photographer: Hiroshi Ueda

office design from Hiroshima


Minimalist architecture and office design from Japan


Minimalist modern office interior design from Japan


Minimalist modern office interior design from Japan


Minimalist modern Japanese architecture

Minimalist modern japanese architecture

Minimalist modern japanese architecture



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