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Minimalist Interior design UN Plaza by Ora studio


Minimalist Living Room Interior UN Plaza

UN Plaza is a stunning and luxury project, headed and created by the great minds in the world of minimalist interior design ORA Studio. This Bourgeois New York flat will make you dip into the American dream of rich and happy life. Starting with the minimalist interior design of the lobby, where the gorgeous royal stairs can lead you to the splendor of your bravest reverie. Take this trip and have the walk of your life – dreaming is for free yet.


Minimalist interior design flat in New York

The minimalist interior design of the kitchen in UN Plaza is fulfilled with marble, gold, glass and the brilliance of the cleanness and the really expensive materials. The wide windows are generously showing to the whole world that dreams come true sometimes. The amazing and although simple and elegant organization of the furniture in this minimalist kitchen will make you feel the best cook even if the only thing you can do for a dinner is a fast omelet.


White minimalist kitchen interior design and furniture

Moving steps forward the amazing tour through the charm and beauty of Un Plaza in New York, we are finding ourselves in front of the great and extremely vanguard atmosphere of the minimalist interior design of the living room. The Persian curtain is perfectly collaborating with the marble ground, the aristocratic fireplace and the copies of the most famous arts on the wall. Sounds like this minimalist interior design for a kitchen is nothing, but perfect.


White minimalist kitchen interior design and furniture

Our visit in the luxury UN Plaza flat is finishing with the bathroom. The minimalist interior design ideas are developed here as well. The minimalist interior design in the bathroom of UN Plaza reminds us of some old and passed epochs, where kings and queens used to have the duties to get rest and relaxed at first. Meanwhile, the relaxation room in this bourgeois New York flat is contemporary enough to indulge the latest trends in the interior design world.

More pictures from this exquisite and stylish minimalistic interior design by ORA Studio


White minimalist bathroom interior design



White minimalist bathroom interior design


White minimalist bathroom interior design


White minimalist bathroom interior design


White minimalist bathroom interior design


White minimalist bathroom interior design


WC Minimalist White Design


White Minimalist Living room design


White minimalistic kitchen design


White minimalistic interior design


White minimalistic interior design


White minimalistic interior design


White minimalistic fireplace design


Art decoration and the modern staircase design


Modern staircase design


The Modern staircase design


Minimalist bathroom design


Minimalist bathroom design


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Modern minimalist architecture house

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