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Minimalist Interior Design By Innocad Architecture. Living the High Life

Ultra Modern New York apartment


Minimalist Interior Design By Innocad Architecture. Living the High Life

This super sleek and ‘shiny’ roof top apartment in New York is the epitome of outstanding minimalist interior design.  It combines the perfect union of functionality and stylish good looks. Completely remodeled and refurbished by ‘Innocad Architecture’, no corners have been cut in creating a luxurious urban home for life loving city dwellers. The comfortable interior is fresh bright and spacious. White has been used on the walls throughout the apartment to provide an uncomplicated basis on which to develop this minimalist interior design.



Minimalist kitchen interior design by Innocad Architecture

The luxurious element of this minimalist interior design scheme is largely introduced through the wide range of materials used There is a distinct celebration of fabrics and surfaces for their tactile qualities.  This is seen in the lavish carpets, the artistic sculptural relief and contrasts of glossy and matt surfaces. Delicate materials coexist with hard edge shapes and forms, surfaces and furniture ensures an unforgettable sensual experience for the occupants who clearly expect the best from life from their minimalist interior design.



Minimalist dining room interior design by Innocad Architecture

The powerful views from the apartment are unobstructed and exterior vistas of the city have directly influenced the configuration of shapes and forms built into the minimalist interior design.  As the architects reveal in their project statement

“Each room mirrors an immediate visual reference to the fascinating land and roofscape of New York City.”

A sense of uninterrupted space is apparent, not just architecturally, but in the implicit ambience within the comfortable living areas. The massive windows play an important role in this minimalist interior design. The windows not only introduce light into the interior, they also bring in the changing colours of the ever vibrant New York City. This in turn introduces an energizing atmosphere into the minimalist interior design ensuring that it could never seem cold or clinical.



Minimalist living room interior design

Ergonomically organized for the wellbeing of the apartment’s inhabitants nothing within this minimalist interior design is extraneous. The massive entertainment area points to people serious about audio visual enjoyment, people who embrace life to the full.  The unusual juxtaposition of the TV screen with the window beyond creates something of a visual conundrum, with the view of the immediate surroundings framing the technological ‘window’ to the world. This is just one example of ‘Innocad’ planning every aspect of their minimalist design scheme, down to the perfect placement of fittings, fixtures and furniture to facilitate maximum enjoyment of this ultra modern apartment.

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Minimalist living room interior design




Minimalist apartment interior design. Living the high life


Minimalist apartment interior design. Living the high life


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Minimalist master bedroom interior design


Luxury apartment in New York. Living the High Life

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