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Fairwood Buddies Café – striking geometrical restaurant interior design

contemporary fast food restaurant hong kong Fairwood Buddies Cafe

Fairwood Buddies Café is another hot spot you can make your pleasant appointments with friends and relatives. Meanwhile, the place is a perfect choice for business meetings, because it is peaceful and cozy enough to help with breaking the ice between you and your future contractors. Elegant and weird, the Fairwood Buddies Café is a model for a striking geometrical restaurant interior design that should be emulated from other competitors in the sphere of contemporary design conceptions for public amenities.

Fairwood Buddies Café – the storyline of the restaurant interior design

fast food restaurant interior design hong kong

The storyline of the awesome Fairwood Buddies Café started three years ago, when the popular Asian company – the Fairwood Holdings – has decided to make a new beginning with a new style with the fast food business. The idea was not to replace the food menu or to add some spicy events into the common process of nutrition, when you are in a rush, but to create a new environment for people, who enjoy spending their lunch time in fast food restaurants with lovely companions or just with the closest people. Fortunately, the idea was not just realized, but this realization has shown in a new approach in the creation of amenity interior design. The professional team from Beige Design charged their leader Danny S. Y. Chan with the hard task to create this striking geometrical restaurant interior design. He knew best what busy and hard-working people from Hong Kong need, when it comes to a pleasant and original environment for a fast food restaurant.

Fairwood Buddies Café – the conception of the restaurant interior design


restaurant interior design inspired hexagon Fairwood Buddies Cafe

Elegant and vanguard, the awesome Asian fast food restaurant – Fairwood Buddies Café – is inspiring and reviving not only for the its rich menu, but for the lovely atmosphere it presents. The main conception that is used for the creation of this extra ordinary environment is closely connected with the formation and fusions of the geometrical figure of hexagons. The enigmatic interactions between the hexagons in each of the elements in the striking geometrical restaurant interior design show a mysterious game between angles and lines. Such an effect is easily reflected on the general mood among the visitors in the fast food restaurant.

geometrical restaurant interior design wooden wall clad

Besides the geometrical circulation and fusion, the designers from the Beige Design Studio are also working with the interaction between three main materials. Plastic pieces of furniture are beautifully matched with the enigmatic glass surfaces that also make perfect combinations with the stainless decors. The little windows enhance the transparent effect in the attractive environment of the Fairwood Buddies Café, while they are also the tiny collection with the world outside of the restaurant. To be honest with you, the striking geometrical restaurant interior design is created in a way to help the visitors to escape the reality and dive into the imprisoned, but elegant and hospitable, world of the sweet chats and delicious meals in a great company.

 geometrical restaurant interior design beige studio Fairwood Buddies Cafe

Even though, the flooring of the Fairwood Buddies Café is big enough to make an enormous spaciousness, the method of arrangement and decoration that is used makes an intentional lack of emptiness. The effect that the designers are looking for is to create an organized and regular disposition of all the furniture and decors in order to influence a sensation of an order, peace, and elegant regularity. On the other hand, the interweaving of the formations and shapes makes the illusion of an imaginary disorder of the ornaments and styles.

Fairwood Buddies Café – the colors

geometrical restaurant interior design Fairwood Buddies Cafe

Even though the favorite color schemes of the Fairwood Holdings are closely connected with the bright side of the nuances – orange, pink and green, the composition of the striking geometrical restaurant interior design behind the Fairwood Buddies Café is totally different and untypical. The approach is made together – the company leaves behind the traditions and the classical flows, while the designers from the Beige Design Studio make a successful effort to combine the neutrality with the originality.


restaurant interior hexagon forms pendant lights white chairs

In the interior of the Fairwood Buddies Café the white color is dominating. Though, the warm brown nuances bring in some coziness and beauty. The grey colors of the walls are used in order to stress on the reflective functions of the tiny mirrors and the sleek surfaces made of glass. The black decors and hexagons in the mosaic structure of the floor and the ceiling are the accents of this totally brilliant three-dimensional interior design of a luxury fast food restaurant.



geometrical restaurant interior design hong kong

restaurant interior design fast food Fairwood Buddies Cafe hong kong

restaurant interior design geometrical forms wall mirrors



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