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Eco friendly office design idea

photographer: © Vegard Fimland

Design team: Ralston & Bau


Eco friendly office design idea – great team building and great job done

A great modern office design idea is going to be shown to you if you are looking for a special place for your special team you are working with. The special thing about this project is hidden somewhere between the amazing exterior and the well welcoming interior design. This office design idea will show you the real way how to combine pleasant with useful. Add some really awesome sensation of beauty and lightness and the perfect working atmosphere and environment is enough.

This office design idea is not only vanguard and eccentric. Its eco friendly nature will definitely thrill you and if you really care about the working conditions you are supposed to provide for your men, you will be definitely amused by this conception. The modern office design ideas nowadays are following one really important advice – the great job done is for sure guaranteed if the great team building is guaranteed as well.

Office design idea


Eco friendly modern office design

Transplant is modern office design project, which is realized and situated in Norway. It appeared in the world five years ago and yet, its creators – Ralston & Bau`s designers and architects – are proud with it. The reasons are more than one or two, or even three. There must be hundreds of reasons why people could feel joy in their working process why they are surrounded by such a lovely environment. This office design idea definitely deserves the audience`s attention.

Modern office design


Eco friendly modern office design

Transplant, as well as other modern office design ideas, is coming with strong organization of the furniture arrange, a lack of pompous decoration, but still nice and touched with the flame of luxury and magnificence. What this office design possess but others do not is its natural and pleasant exterior. The harmony and peaceful theme is prolonged in the interior designs inside the premises and that could mean only one thing – any project is achievable here.


Eco friendly office interior design idea


Eco friendly office interior design idea


Eco friendly office interior design idea


Modern office architecture


The landscape around the modern office

 Great team building and great job done

Great team building and great job done


Eco friendly office design idea


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