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Modern luxury interior design in gorgeous New Your duplex penthouse


Luxury modern kitchen interior design

An exclusive idea for a duplex penthouse is never needless. This one will be glamorous and brilliant enough to wake your feelings and tastes up and think it over about what exactly you do want from your life. Eccentric and modern luxury interior design in gorgeous New Your duplex penthouse, as a matter of fact, is may be something that everybody will admit he wants it. So, this one is located in Duane Street in Tribeca, Manhattan, New Your City and may be is waiting for you.


Luxury home library interior design

Yes, that is right. Still available – although it was completed as a project a year ago. The modern luxury interior design in gorgeous New Your duplex penthouse is not suffering from a lack of interest – do not even hesitate yourself with such a conclusion. The apartment is just too gorgeous and snobbish and its high price may be scaring people who have entered it but still could not realize how low the price is actually – for such a jewelry…


Luxury home library interior design

Here, in this modern luxury interior design of the classical New Your duplex penthouse we see the combination of many interior and architecture styles actually – Baroque, Ancient Greek and even Vintage. The main minimalist spirit, although, is taking the lead and the priority but still pushes back in order to leave the other great elements of the decoration and the furniture organization to shine with their own coruscation.


Luxury interior design


Modern luxury interior design from New York

The particular elements and motives among the decorating pieces of this wonderful modern luxury interior design deserve an individual attention to be paid on. A stunning chandelier, an aristocratic living room carpet, a creative painting on the beautifully colored walls – just a little part of all this amazing fascination that could be gathered in one duplex apartment – though, it is not that difficult, as a matter of fact – we may all see how huge and spacious it is!



Living room luxury interior design


Modern and luxury living room interior design


Modern and luxury living room design


Living room and dining area interior design

Modern living room interior design


The living room another view to the luxury and modern interior design

Modern and luxury living room interior design


The living room luxury interior design


Luxury bedroom interior design


Modern and luxury bedroom interior design



Luxury bathroom design



The terrace – outdoor entertainment area with BBQ

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