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Tubular skylights – add natural light and sunshine in your home

Tubular skylights kitchen lighting ideas natural light

Usually a typical feature of industrial and public architecture, skylights have become popular in private house building. Like any type of skylights tubular skylights are installed to allow natural light in the home and again, like other types of skylights, they have an aesthetic value as the space looks light and bright.


How tubular skylights work?


how tubular skylight work sun tunnel construction

Tubular skylights are also known as sun tunnel skylights and they have a particular construction which directs sunlight from the rooftop down through a highly reflective mirror-like light pipe and then the light is diffused at the ceiling level. This type of construction delivers the light from the roof to the room without any distortion and offers the opportunity to beautify your home in a spectacular way.

tubular skylight dome roof lights sun tunnel lights durability

Installing tubular skylights is not an easy project, as it requires a high level of expertise and it can be a challenge even for experienced DIY lovers. It is strongly recommended that you contact professionals who can complete a project like that, as the sun tunnels may require roof modifications.

tubular skylight installation cost effective home lighting



What are the advantages of tubular skylights?


Sun tunnel skylight tubular skylight laundry room design modern laundry room

Installing tubular skylights in your home will offer you are several advantages. The most obvious one is that you will have more natural light due to the particular construction. The design of sun tunnel lights features a special sealed shaft which takes care of controlling the heat and cold flow into the home which automatically means that you get a much better energy efficiency. The construction of tubular skylights controls UV rays and they are absorbed by the light pipe. Another great advantage is that this type of skylights comes with an affordable price tag which means your investment will pay off rather quickly, especially if you do not have to make any structural changes.


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