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Space interior solution for transforming the spatial outlook


Space Interior Solutions for Minimalist Living Room

If the space interior has architectural downsides, they can be balanced by using tricks for transforming the spatial outlook. In order to make the room appear larger, pale cold tones should be used for the walls. Lighter tones are suitable for the furniture and decorative elements. The contrasts between black and white, light and dark are in the basis of creating spatial illusion. For establishing a warm home atmosphere space interior, both a warm tone and a cold tone are appropriate for being the predominating colour.

Space Interior – Dining Room


Space Interior – Dining Room in Warm Color Nuances

Space interior in orange, brown and reddish nuances will make the atmosphere pleasant and give the room a hospitable outlook, while dark tones will give a notion of cosiness and comfort. If the ceilings in the household are too tall, they can be made to visually appear lower by being painted in a darker, warmer and paler colour tone. If the ceilings are lower, they can be painted in pale cold shades in order to appear taller. Another way is to place fine vertical lines on the walls, which would attract the eye towards the ceiling, thus making the area optically larger. Note that appearance makes up for the better part of the general conception of a certain place or surroundings in space interior.

Space Interior – Solution for Living Room


Space Interior – Solution for Living Room

Architectural details, such as cornices, sills and parapets, can also contribute to the household harmony, making the space interior richer and more interesting. By using colours, the place can visually be separated into a few zones. If the wall behind the bed is painted in a dark, warm colour, while the other walls are in a lighter nuance. The place meant for sleeping would be separated from the rest of the space interior, where a crib for work, reading and other activities can be established.

Space Interior – Solution for Kitchen Design


Space Interior – Solution for Kitchen Design

Space interior in studio type households, the nuance effect can be used. By combining different tones and depth of a single colour, an illusion for a harmonious open space is created, where there is sufficient air space and good lighting. By using the principles of playing with the household space interior, an aesthetic, comfortable and cosy outlook can be established in the space interior.

Text by B. Angelov

Space Interior – Minimalist Kids Room Design


Space Interior – Minimalist Kids Room Design

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