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Scandinavian style interior design

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If tidiness and simplicity is considered modernistic, then the Scandinavian style interior design is the modern face of design. It combines functionality, comfort and a minimal number of accessories with gentleness and clarity of the shapes of lines. Characteristic of this style are the simple, functional shapes, light coloured wood, simplistic decor, effective spatial planning, warm colours and nuances, which compensate the lack of warmth and light in the harsh Northern climate.

Scandinavian style interior design in living rooms

scandinavian interior design living room decor ideas

The most essential rule in the Scandinavian style interior design is whiteness. The walls, ceilings, even the floor and textile elements are predominantly white. The white colour is the background for delicate colour nuances. Everyone who chooses the Scandinavian style will have a light and open interior. It is perfect for rooms with tall ceilings and large windows. The first requirement is to define the main colour, around which the interior will be based. There aren’t many opportunities – it’s either the snowy whiteness, or the soft beige tone. The contrasting combinations for the main white color are red, blue, black while a suitable contrasting colour for beige is emerald green.

Scandinavian style interior design in dining areas

Scandinavian style furniture ideas dining room furniture

The walls in the Scandinavian style interior design shouldn’t attract the eye, as they only serve as a background for the surroundings. The doors and windows should also correspond to the main colour. Large mirrors are a must – either with engraved white frames or with no frame at all. The furniture should be carefully selected. Everything, which will be used: natural or stained wood, silver elements, should all be based on the principles of symmetry. The fireplace is an appropriate choice for a central element. Decoration items in purple or green can be placed as contrast to the main light colour. One of the Scandinavian style’s key points is lighting, the brighter it is – the better.

Minimalist Scandinavian design

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Crystal chandeliers, lamps, candle-sticks and contemporary lighting systems providing sparkling light are suitable for creating a lighting background, which will make the whiteness of the interior shine and the silver decorations would sparkle softly. Scandinavian interior style combines minimalism and simplicity, which helps avoid the coldness in the chilly outdoor surroundings and creates a comfortable picture of indoor cosiness and comfort.

Text by B. Angelov

Scandinavian style apartment interior white living room floor to ceiling windows

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Scandinavian style apartment open floor plan living dining room

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