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What is primitive home decor and how to use primitive style at home?

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Many people confuse primitive home decor with rustic or country style decoration which is understandable as the primitive style contains some elements of these styles. What is typical for the primitive style? The first and most important characteristic of the primitive style is that it is focused on comfort, convenience and casual visual aesthetics.


Primitive home decor ideas – how to arrange an aged look?


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Primitive home decor is characterized with the use of folk art items with rough and simple look, darker colors and natural fabrics. Antiques have an important place in the primitive style but there are special modern folk art items which are crafted to fit into the primitive decor. In order to arrange a welcoming and appealing primitive style home decor, you can use various household items in creative ways. Check the attic of your grandma, flea markets and garage sales are another way to obtain original vintage furniture (usually crafted in the period between 1760s-1800s) or home accessories. You can upcycle different furniture pieces and give them new life so that they fit into your primitive style decoration concept.


Primitive home decor ideas – which room to decorate in primitive style?


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There is no rule or limit and it is only you who will decide which of the rooms in your home will be decorated in primitive style. We have chosen a selection of primitive home decor ideas which will be useful for you and you can implement them in your own home. The living room gathers the family and guests and to re-create the style of your ancestors, use braided rugs, a cozy and comfortable couch, replace the coffee table with a trunk or a large wooden crate and add charming wooden stools. Burlap curtains, for example, will fit into the decor perfectly. A cart wheel and lanterns will be an ideal chandelier and quite in the primitive style. Enjoy the images below and get inspired!


primtive home decor window curtains ideas burlap curtains

primtive home decor furniture ideas dining table chairs

primitive style home decor ideas rustic chandelier cart wheel lanterns

Primitive style home decor country decor ideas wooden furniture kitchen ideas

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Primitive decorating ideas living room kitchen decor ideas rustic style

DIY primitive home decor ideas wall sconces vintage light fixtures

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