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Beautiful interior staircase ideas and newel post designs

wooden interior staircase newel post ideas white staircase

Interior staircases are a necessity but in addition to that they are a huge decorative element in the house. A staircase has several elements and the newel post is one of them. The importance of newel posts is significant as they have a major role for the strength and durability of the banisters. Newel posts, by definition, support the handrail at the top or bottom and although a traditional element of the design of a staircase, the variety is really big.


What are the best newel post materials?


Pine newel post traditional staircase ideas house entry decor

The choice of newel post materials can vary from different species of solid wood to ornate wrought iron designs. Oak, maple, cherry and pine are among the most popular choices for newel posts. Construction and design-wise newel posts consists of several elements – a top or post cap, spindles and base.


How to choose the right newel post?


Antique newel post design house entry decorating ideas stair carpet

When shopping for the staircase or planning the design of a new interior staircase, several factors will influence the decision how to pick up the right newel post for the staircase. This means not only the material, but the height and the design of the individual elements. Newel mounting hardware is another element that you need to consider as the market offers different hardware which will fit to different design styles.

wooden staircase design ideas stairs decor newel post ideas

The diversity in the product range features simple, minimalist or contemporary designs to luxurious and richly detailed and ornate or carved traditional designs. Newel posts vary in colors, shapes and sizes, so before buying, make sure that you measured correctly. The interior staircase must work in harmony with the overall design of the home, the color palette and the materials. For example a contemporary staircase complemented with modern stair runners will look awkward in a traditional or rustic interior and vice versa – an ornate staircase with carved posts will be out of place in a contemporary home.


Hardwood newel posts design ideas staircase ideas

 best newel post interior staircase design ideas

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