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Ideas for furnishing the home office


Minimalist home office interior

More and more people work in their own homes nowadays. They need comfortable surroundings as much as the people working in contemporary office buildings. It is necessary that they create it on their own by correlating it to the area provided. The choice of furniture for the home office is the first task. The desk’s size could correspond to the place’s area in terms of size. It can either be a massive, or an ergonomic computer desk, which is to be determined by the owner’s work and preferences. The office chair should be comfortable, mobile, with an option to regulate the height, inclination and angle of the back rest, elbow rests are a must.

Futuristic office furnishing design


Futuristic office furnishing design

Drawers, shelves and a locker are necessary for keeping the documents in order. The open shelves are very convenient, as all the necessary documents and folders are within an arm’s reach. If the area allows it, a library can be set, where the necessary literature is to be placed. Lighting is very important. Apart from natural daylight, a sufficient number of opportunities should be provided for synthetic lighting according to the activity carried out – a central light source and desk lamps for local lighting, also directed lighting via built in pendant light fittings.

Modern home office decorating


Modern home office decorating

The office decoration should also not be disregarded. The beautiful pencil setting is not only a necessary item, but can also be an element of the office’s decoration. Simplistic sculptures or pieces of art can fill in the empty spaces. If the job requires meetings with clients or co-workers, a place for visitors should be established. Meetings connected to the work carried out in the office itself can be made there. There needs to a sofa, a table and couches for the place where business discussions are to be held. It is inappropriate, however, for couches and stool to be placed in the area for having meetings and making presentations.


Minimalist home office with slim desk design

Items, illustrating the owner’s accomplishments are usually placed there to serve as a visiting card for the clients and his partners. Certificates, diplomas and awards, placed in frames, are suitable decoration with a practical purpose. Style, colour and material need to be correlated in the general interior design for establishing an aesthetic outlook.
Text by B. Angelov


Minimalist home office interior design

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