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Home Interior decisions with wrought iron works

Creating comfort and magnificence, originality and a unique style is the designer’s main task at hand and can be achieved in many ways with wrought iron works .


Home door with wrought iron works

 Among the original decisions is wrought iron works. Even a single piece of art, created from this material, can completely change the interior’s outlook. Wrought iron’s possibilities are almost limitless, it can give the home, garden or villa its past vintage atmosphere and appearance, adding a touch of stylishness and luxury.

Modern wrought iron parapet


Modern wrought iron parapet

An excellent home decoration can be; shelves, racks, candle-sticks, mirror frames and flower stands, made of wrought iron. Wrought iron wine stands are the best possible option for this kind of accessory, while the variety of designs and shapes is virtually unlimited. An important upside of the wrought iron home furnishing elements is the opportunity to make possessions in one and the same style. The bed in the bedroom, the tables, accessories can all be manufactured from the same wrought iron and in the same style as the garden furniture and the fence, or the parapets on the stairs at interior home.

Wrought iron spiral staircase


Wrought iron spiral staircase

The furniture and possessions from wrought iron are suitable for the  interior of luxurious homes, villas and city apartments. With the same success, the hunting cottage in the mountain and the seaside house can be furnished. The biggest upside of this type of furnishing is that it is basically eternal. Wrought iron and its high quality treatment have high anticorrosion properties and unbeaten endurance in time, compared to wood, plastic and even the new materials, which are just now getting into the furnishing perspective. Binding the rich experience with the modern day technologies of treating metal gives the opportunity to create wonders by repackaging interior of your home with wrought iron.

Sofa wrought iron decor


Sofa wrought iron decor

The entirely handmade store production allows the wrought iron work possessions to completely bind with the atmosphere of the place, where they will be stored, and to give it a unique sophisticated style. They are a perfect choice for every contemporary home interior and wrought iron work  will correspond to every taste.

 hammock wrought iron furniture


hammock wrought iron furniture

Text by B. Angelov

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