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Green concepts in the interior Design


Green concepts in the interior Design

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a better designer than nature. Our neighbours on this planet, the plants, animals and microorganisms, have patiently perfected it for millions of years and have thus turned it into a comfortable place for residence. The simplicity, clarity and maximum functionality of the elements is what can be used as an idea for the interior projecting, as this is what gives them the harmony and satisfaction, which are unthinkable in the lines of the of the pressuring everyday life of the urbanized city.

Creative modern Eco inner space design


Creative modern Eco inner space design

The science of biometrics, which engages in adapting the existing nature shapes to the contemporary technologies for the purpose of satisfying of needs, works not only in the architectural design field, but also for projecting the interior. Newer applications of natural materials are continuously found, as renewable and recycled materials, as well as hand-crafted objects, are used. Entirely green homes are projected and green energy is probably the future of power engineering. Mild technological and ecological decisions are used, as they can improve the way of life and quality of the surroundings, which we inhabit.

Modern bamboo furniture design


Modern bamboo furniture design

Brave designer decisions include furniture, crafted entirely of recycled paper, using Himalayan salt for making sills, borders and shelves, as well as covering the walls. Objects of organic plastic, made of maize or wheat, are brought in. Bamboo is an increasingly used material, it’s tougher than wood, while at the same time lighter, it is heat endurable, it doesn’t allow scents to penetrate, it doesn’t need chemical treatment and can grow almost anywhere.

Green Art lounge chairs


Green Art lounge chairs from recycled wood

Another ecological material with future possibilities is cork. It grows in bulk and is easy to recycle, it has excellent noise isolation and warmth isolation capabilities and it’s also appropriate for people with allergic disorders. It can even be used for making furniture and dishes. The modern home interior will undoubtedly include ecological materials. Room with cork floor and wall coverings, furniture from bamboo, sills and shelves from Himalayan salt, sun panels, which provide the necessary energy for the household, decorative elements from recycled products – these will be the interior decisions, which will bring calmness, cosiness and comfort in the future and will preserve nature for the future generations.
Text by B. Angelov

 Green concepts in the interior Design – Dining Table


Eco friendly dining table design

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