Distinctive Doors add Character to the Home

Master bedroom closet door

One essential aspect of the home’s interior decor that can be overlooked is the internal door arrangement.  Its not that these are totally ignored its just that convention tends to guide us to think of the functionality and down-to-earth aspect of doors before we think of them as design features in their own right.   Maybe its time to review this mind set, here’s a formidable collection of distinctive doors that will open up the potential of the humble door as an exciting focal point.

Set the Atmosphere in your Rooms with Distinctive Doors

Distinctive door ideas for a modern home interior

Antique furniture is highly collectable and associated with creating tasteful and atmospheric interiors.  The same goes for architectural antiques including unusual and distinctive doors.  Shown in this gallery are examples of recycled vintage doors finding new homes in modern interiors.  The atmospheric blue of the old kitchen door adds instant country house ambience to this cozy utility room.  In the same way that glazed French window doors, combined with vibrant blue surround, make a grand entrance to this welcoming dining room.

Asian Bathroom Door Design

Modern door design

To introduce an exotic flavor to your home you could imitate the gorgeous example that shows impressive Balinese doors enhancing an atmospheric entrance hall.  The warmth and antique quality of these doors sets a perfectly inviting mood in this house and is the ideal compliment to the feature floor tiles.  The simplicity of a Japanese style door adds a serene harmony to a bathroom and stately traditional double doors make a powerful design statement in a double height bedroom.

Have Fun and Create Distinctive Doors with Personality

Distinctive door ideas

Making a focal point of interior doors can be great fun and the results highly individual.  Changing the paneling material of your doors can add a definite charm and also be very practical.  Using chalk board panels means you can change the doors to suit your mood or leave cheeky messages for your family.  On a very practical level, a utility door on a larder can also double as a message board to fill with practical reminders.  Using mirrors instead of glass door panels will create a desirable sense of space and lightness in your room without loss of privacy. Or customize ordinary closet doors to create your own distinctive door design.

And don’t overlook the potential of adding a splash of color to an otherwise plain room.  Try paint a single door in a vibrant hue to make a sensational focal point. After browsing these images you may never look at internal doors in the same way again.

 Mirrored Door Design

Beautiful door design

Vintage Door Design Idea

Doors design ideas

Kids Room Distinctive Door Design Idea

Dazzle door design

Distinctive Door for Modern Dining Room

Distinctive door for a modern home

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