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Modern Design Mirrors as part of the modern interior


Minimalist  bathroom design mirrors

The Design mirror is part of the modern interior. It is one of those things without which not a single house. The shape and size is different and depends on where in the house and imagination and aesthetic requirements of the people. The mirror is not only pragmatic function. It creates an optical illusion of space. It is known that light reflected in the mirrored surface visually make the room bigger and brighter. The bathroom is the room in which the mirror is required. The requirement is that it is large enough to affect not only the face of people. It is better to make the right choice for bathroom design mirrors to withstand the effects of moisture.

Bedroom with stylish design mirror


Bedroom with stylish design mirror

The family bedroom is another room in the house in which the design mirror is required. This is even better to have two mirrors, one to show people in full-length and the other is placed on the dresser near the window and helps in styling and makeup. Big mirror can be mounted on the door of the closet and does not take place in space, if the room is not big enough. Before him there must be objects do not obstruct vision. Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui does not recommend the bed to be reflected in the modern design mirror, in the nursery is not good to have even a mirror for safety.

Design Mirrors in the Living Space


Design Mirrors in the Living Space

The modern design mirror is part of interior design in contemporary living. Usually it is placed over a beautiful buffet or mantel and the impact creates a beautiful effect. Fine silver candlesticks or souvenirs from glass and crystal mirror to create a feeling of comfort and luxury. Correctly mirror is placed along the wall opposite the window. So it will create the effect of space and better lighting of the room. Council of the specialists is the modern design mirror is perpendicular to the window to catch maximum sunlight.

Narrow corridor  interior with modern design mirrors


Narrow corridor  interior with design mirrors

The dark and narrow corridor looks bright and wide with this large and modern design mirror. It is placed on the long wall, to restore balance. Well it is about to put their lights and reflected light to increase light in the hallway. Lighting is an important factor in the mounting of a mirror at home. The frame of the mirror is the interior design. Gilded and inlaid frames are a great combination of classical style furniture. In the modern interior is not necessary framework mirrors.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Design Mirrors in modern bedroom


Modern Minimalist Design Mirrors in modern bedroom

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