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Craftsman style homes – exclusive interiors with a lot of character

Amazing craftsman style dining room design wood floor

Craftsman style homes have specific features which can hardly be mistaken. Simplicity, natural materials and woodwork are some of the typical characteristics of Craftsman style interiors. When entering a home decorated in this style you immediately feel the coziness and warmth, the inviting and welcoming atmosphere.


Craftsman style homes – living room decorating ideas


craftsman living room ideas home decor fireplace wood panels

In most Craftsman style homes the living room and the entry hall are connected which opens the space. A major element and a focal point of living rooms is the fireplace. Many fireplaces combine stone and wood as these materials work together beautifully. Rich wood trims and natural colors define the interior. The floors are hardwood and furniture is usually handmade. Leather sofas and armchairs or seating furniture in neutral color upholstery is arranged in front of the fireplace and area rugs add to the feeling of intimacy.


Craftsman style homes – kitchen and dining room interiors

craftsman style kitchen furniture ideas natural wood cabinets

Craftsman style homes and interiors are focused on quality and the kitchen and dining room decorations are not an exception. Functional, well built craftsman style kitchen cabinets are typical for the interiors. Very often the cabinets are equipped with Shaker style front doors and usually are made of natural wood like oak, fir, mahogany or cherry with iron or brass hardware.

Craftsman style homes design dining room decorating ideas furniture ideas

Craftsman style dining rooms are also focused on simple lines and natural materials. Rustic woodwork, built in cupboards and shelving, exposed ceiling beams and hardwood floors are the typical features. The furniture has straight lines and practically no frills. Often the dining room is separated from the living room by room dividers made of wood and glass, sometimes stained.


Lighting in Craftsman style homes


craftsman style homes ideas dining room furniture natural wood

A special attention is paid to lighting. Avoid modern light fixtures, recessed lights and LED lights. To complement your Craftsman interior, choose light fixtures made of bronze, wood, and stained glass. You can use pendant lighting, ceiling lights, Tiffany-style chandeliers, wall sconces and table lamps which will illuminate your home beautifully and add to the atmosphere of intimacy.

craftsman style homes design woodwork solid wood furniture

living room design craftsman style homes interior ideas stone fireplace

living room decor craftsman style rustic decor stone fireplace ceiling beams

craftsman style living room design home decor ideas

craftsman style homes living room ideas wood beams wood furniture

craftsman style homes interior living room decorating ideas neutral colors

craftsman style homes living room decor stone fireplace leather sofa

craftsman living room interior design stone fireplace leather sofa

craftsman living room furniture ideas fireplace ceiling beams lanterns

craftsman style homes ideas dining room furniture ideas

craftsman dining room furniture ideas mini pendants shelf natural wood furniture

craftsman style dining room design exposed ceiling beams wood floor

craftsman style dining room design built in furniture decorative ceiling beams

Craftsman style dining room decorating ideas natural wood furniture ideas

craftsman kitchen ideas wood cabinets granite countertops



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