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The contemporary fast-paced life makes it necessary for us to have a rest in solitude and quiet surroundings. Being in contact with nature is a good way to achieve spiritual peace. Such surroundings can be established in the confines of your own home. Japanese style gardens are becoming more and more popular in the last few years. When creating such a garden, the nature’s characteristics remain almost unharmed. The Japanese garden is essentially a nature in miniature. Predominant colours are green, grey and brown, combined with the flowers’ and fruits’ natural colours. Rocks, fruit trees, flowers and flower bushes are teh main motives in the garden. By combining various nuances in the natural composition, the nature’s aesthetic appearance is authentically represented.

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Rocks have an essential role for the garden’s ideal composition. They help achieve an authentic natural landscape and sometimes take part in putting the separate exterior elements together. The idea is to build miniature decoration elements, such as rock walls, waterfalls and bridges. Small lakes are a classic element of the garden landscape. In addition, they provide conditions for breeding decorative fishes. It is important that the garden and house have one and the same configuration. If your house is build in a modern style, with non-standard shapes or colours, it is appropriate that you use foreign species of plants, bright colours and artistic decoration for shaping up the exterior concept.

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The area and design of the garden depend on the yard space. The layout of the main elements must be taken into consideration. The trees shouldn’t be too close to the house and the water elements – right in the middle of the yard. The flowers and flower bushes shouldn’t be planted near the trees, so they won’t fall in their shadow.

Chinese garden shelter


Meteorological conditions are also of importance. The quantity of sunlight is the first thing, which should be taken into consideration. It is an essential condition for growing plants. The quantity of rains, strength and direction of wind are also of importance. It is also important plants resist to frost. A shelter for guarding the more delicate plants from the unfavorable weather conditions can be built.

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