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Kangan Batman Institute contemporary architecture

In the beginning of the XX-th century new ideas arise in architecture. They gradually start changing its aspect by adding way more brave shapes and colors to it. New materials are being used as well as original thinking which is not lead by tradition and classical styles. These modern ideas set the beginning of a new wave in architecture, the so-called “contemporary architecture”.

Industrial design


Industrial design Dalian Shell museum

The main reason for the appearance of contemporary architecture is the growth of professional industrial design. People start paying more attention to comfort and price than to the spiritual or philosophical aspect of architecture. After World War II the society turns to a new kind of architecture and building. It focuses on the middle and working class. Most of the people reject the concept that buildings should be built in historical style as it brings a connection to the aristocracy order.

Exterior design


Metal Foundation Slab Baragano exterior design

However, contemporary architecture does not fully exclude the influence of classical styles. The main difference is that architects are trying to create more exciting, vivid buildings that have a modern look and capture our imagination.
Contemporary architecture is a rather wide notion. It refers to architecture in the past century as well as in the present one. It’s a mixture of styles that has, of course its distinctive features. Original for their time, the new buildings lack ornaments and details; their shapes are various; the construction is strong and comfortable; the connection between building and environment is essential.

Contemporary architecture exterior design


Contemporary architecture building exterior design

The simplicity of their shape and the more practical materials and building technologies used, make these buildings grow fast in number. They start flooding the modern world, each one of them unique. These new various designs enkindle the interest of many people around the world, making them more enthusiastic over architecture and provoking different thoughts and opinions. Another building is another proof of modern architects’ creativity and capability to create unique designs.

Contemporary building exterior


Contemporary building exterior

Contemporary buildings can be found almost everywhere in the world and it appears that their popularity won’t be fading anytime soon. However, architecture and civil engineering are developing with tremendous speed and we never know what changes it may experience. For that we can only use our own imagination and picture what lies ahead or as future architects, try to design it ourselves.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Yazgan Orange House


Yazgan Orange House contemporary architecture

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