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Green Architecture – Passive and organic houses


Modern and Green architecture, innovative technologies or return to the old building traditions? Do not you like organic home of homes inhabited by primitive people, caves, ice igloo, houses of stone, wood, clay and straw? They are made entirely from natural materials and blend with nature. More and more people today want to live in ecological environment. This will provoke architects to create modern homes using unlimited possibilities of nature.

Green architecture by architect Richard Hawke


Green Architecture – Passive house by architect Richard Hawke

This passive house in England has a unique facade and creates incredible amenities and comfort of the people. Interesting roof was designed by architect Richard Hawke. It is made from 26,000 handmade clay tiles. Its rounded shape reduces the external area of the house and saves energy. Green plants on the roof further regulate the internal temperature in the rooms. The house was built according to all requirements of passive buildings. The windows are facing south, to use the sun’s energy. External walls insulation is placed, which maintains optimal room temperature.

Green Architecture – Passive solar house design


Green Architecture – Passive solar house design

Other liabilities house also uses energy from the sun. Its roof is covered with solar panels. Windows and solar panels on the south side and use the power of nature. They provide comfort and coziness of the people. The curved shape of the facade is repeated in the interior. The space under the house creates natural ventilation and provide shade on hot summer days.

Green Architecture Set of houses in Dietikon Switzerland


Set of houses in Dietikon Switzerland

This strange set of green architecture houses is located in Dietikon, Switzerland. The original idea was developed by architect Peter Vetsch. Its concept is people cannot live on earth, and along with it. Earth is used as insulation and protects buildings from the adverse climate change. Traditional houses are in the air and they are losing heat, and the facade of their depreciated. The houses of architect Peter Vetsch not look like ordinary buildings with four walls and right angles. Earth houses comply with the landscape of nature. They resemble the architectural sculpture. The interior is of the highest technological level. Modern technology makes building an effective and modern. These houses have maximum space on the minimum area. The unusual shape is ideal for energy saving.

Concrete organic shell residence


Concrete organic shell residence

Green Architecture Organic houses are built in different parts of the world. Another example is Japan. They are in harmony with human nature. When construction does not use synthetic materials. Organic buildings can regulate temperature, filtered air and purify it.

Organic sculpted home design


Organic sculpted home design



Environmentally friendly house from recycled materials by TYIN tegnestue Architects

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