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Main motives and decisions for garden furnishing



Modern garden furnishing

Furnishing is an essential part of the garden’s outlook. The garden furniture should be picked carefully, so as to respond to the needs of comfort and cozy furnishing, as well as to the specifications in the exterior design. Furniture arrangement and establishing balance between the nature scene and the furnishing elements are key points in planning the garden exterior.
The choice of materials is diverse. Plastic doesn’t need much maintaining, it comes in various designs and in lower costs. Metal needs more maintenance, especially if it’s painted, which means it will need regular repainting. On the other hand, metal furniture is suitable for any kind of garden composition.

Wooden garden furniture


Comfortable wooden garden furniture

Wooden furniture is most exquisite, but it’s usually most expensive, as well. The garden exterior arrangement depends on the special and architectural specifications. If possible, separate cribs can be established for the different types of plants. Fruit trees are usually planted near the walls of the fence, so their shadow won’t fall onto the other plants. Flower-beds are usually situated in the centre of the garden, so they’ll place an accent on nature’s refined beauty.

Innovative garden furniture


Innovative garden furniture design

In case you decide to give furniture a special place, you can create a combined version of an interior and exterior composition by adding in soft furniture and household decorative elements. This type of furnishing is an innovative approach, gaining increasing popularity in exterior planning. Adding home furniture to the garden surroundings gives the landscape specific contrasting.

Garden exterior


Garden exterior with beautiful bird houses

Decorative elements are a fine part of the exterior conception. Bird houses, fountains and wind chimes are common motives. Complementing decoration elements are candle-sticks, fruit bowls and pillows, if you prefer soft furniture. The decoration arrangement should be moderately done, since it is not a center piece of the exterior composition.

Modern garden furnishing


Contemporary modern garden furnishing

The colour scheme should help correlating the separate nature and exterior elements in an established furnishing plan. Contrast is one of the main methods to achieving this. Light and pales tones for furnishing on the background of the colourful plant life create a harmonious picture of nature and everyday life, mixed in a pattern, In terms of the colour range, various options and combinations can be tried out.

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