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Irresistible And Unique Look – Three Level House by A-cero


Three Level House by A-cero architects

Three Level House is located on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. The dynamic architecture of the house is project from A-cero architects. The entrance of the house is stylish decorated with external lighting and have elegant glass sliding door that opens a unique look at the floating staircase leading to upstairs. Seen the porch pergolas, they are made from solid concrete plates. On the top also is used metal structure with reinforced steel. For her finish is added stylish lighting.

Modern entrance exterior design


Modern entrance exterior design

Dynamic solution to the external finish of the forms is a very good aesthetic appearance, a definite volume, which has its own height and shape, but also with the surrounding environment. The building is designed on 3 levels for the perfect use of individual rooms with common parts of the house. On the main part of the house as well as the garage can enter directly into the basement.

Dynamic architecture house design


Dynamic architecture house design

Where you can see the sports facilities, swimming pool, zone for relax and movies. In addition to the garage they are directly connecting to the ground floor where is the entrance is through a staircase, which is located in the dealer’s work area. Living spaces are associated with central hallway that connects two separate areas with imaginary axis from east to west. The first area is the noble zone, the second area combines living room, bedroom, dining room and office. On the other side of the imaginary axis are the other rooms of the house: bathrooms, kitchen and pantry.

Unique Three Level House


Unique Three Level House architecture design

Visually, the upper floor is connected with the lower floor of distance two heights. On this floor are bedroom for special guests, three bedrooms belonging the family, which are connected with library-office and lounge. The concrete structure of the building, modern windows and doors with elegant modern outdoor lighting and arrangement of green areas in the property, making Three Level House an architectural work of art in the irresistible and unique look.

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Porch pergolas exterior


Porch pergolas exterior design

Elegant outdoor lighting and green areas


Elegant modern outdoor lighting and green areas

Architecture house design by A-cero


Modern architecture house design by A-cero

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