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Decoration elements and patterns in garden furnishing



Home garden with modern furnishing

Maintaining a home garden has a positive effect on the tonicity. Reaching out to nature ennobles and helps delude the pressure from the strenuous and fast-paced way of life. Adding decorative elements to the interior design gives a chance to show creativity in the arrangement of the separate garden elements. With an aesthetic approach to the exterior decisions, a picturesque hue is added to the landscape.

Bird house for garden


Bird house for decoration of the garden

Bird houses are among the elements, which help us get in touch with nature. Bird houses are an element, which brings about both an aesthetic tone and an ecologic message. It is essential that they are chosen in appropriate sizes and are placed in suitable cribs for their eventual inhabitants, where they won’t be bothered.
Bird baths are also elements, which fits well in the nature landscape. They replace the fountains in terms of composition, in case you prefer authentic nature elements to technological appliances for the garden’s outlook. These baths attract species such as sparrows and titmice, and sometimes butterflies. Their water must be changed on a daily basis. Creativity can be used in the choice of lighting, as well.

Beautiful garden chandelier


Beautiful decoration with garden chandelier

Popular options are covered globes and garden chandeliers. Their advantage is that they are easy to maintain. Another element, good for soothing the senses, is wind-chimes. They are usually placed near the house and garden furniture for achieving better acoustics.

Modern garden furniture


Modern garden furniture

The garden furniture’s main function is providing comfort. You can either choose classic benches and alcoves, or a full set of furniture, according to how much time you would like to spend in the garden. The colours and the stylistic formation of the furniture depend entirely on the garden’s composition. The arrangement, colour range and its structural outlook are taken into consideration.

Wooden garden furnishing


Wooden garden furnishing

In order to place an accent on the garden furnishing, you can use a central element, such as a fountain or a statue. A fountain is appropriate for adding the element of water to the nature composition. Sustainable materials, such as concrete and copper, are suitable resources for making statues. The figure usually represents an animate nature element.

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