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Copper House by Bernalte-León y Asociados


Clip house exterior in Madrid Spain

This ultra modern house is located in Madrid, Spain. It is designed by the architects at Bernalte-León y Asociados and was commended in the 2009 Copper in Architecture Awards thanks to its bold design and the skillful use of copper. The plot is located in a residential neighborhood in Madrid. Among the modest old houses, the copper house has a striking effect. It stands there as a piece of art right in the middle of the urban environment and excels as a fine example of modern design.

Copper exterior


Copper exterior from architects at Bernalte-León y Asociados

The artistic approach here is obvious, this design should be examined as a sculpture rather than a building. The designers make no compromise with the house’s external image but neither do they compromise with its functionality. The building stands out with its oddly-shaped two volumes that are cantilevered from a vertical concrete plate.

Concrete plate and copper bands exterior


Concrete plate and copper bands exterior

They are made from copper bands with curved edges that wrap around the two floors in an artistic way. The plates consist of many small bits of copper which are lined together internally with wood. Inside the copper wraps are the living spaces, arranged in the two separate floors of the building.

Living area interior design


Elegant living area interior design

The living areas and bedrooms are very well lit thanks to a series of diffused glazing that covers the whole facades outlined by the copper shell. This design relies completely on its materials in their original form. The gray concrete in the back is standing naked, creating a raw image while the soft golden color of copper reflects the sunlight beautifully in the front.

Clip house architecture design


Stylish Clip house architecture design

Light and scenery also reflect in the numerous windows and so make the building look even more artistic. On top of the lower copper shell there is an outdoor pathway that presents the opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy views from the city in the distance.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Copper House exterior design


Contemporary Copper House exterior design

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