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Choosing and arranging the plant life in the garden



Modern home garden with grass plot

The determining motif, which creates the garden’s general outlook, is the plant life. Different plant species are of equal importance. In the traditional home garden composition, there are two established sectors – a grass plot and flower beds. If the garden’s proportions allow it, you can also plant bushes and fruit trees. The richness of nature species gives an opportunity for various decoration decisions.

Contemporary home garden


Contemporary home garden with green plants

When arranging and maintaining the garden, special attention must be paid to the plant species, which grow in certain conditions. Perennial plants can be placed on spots, where there is no direct sunlight exposure, since they don’t really need it. The plants, which need a lot of sunlight, can be placed in these sections.

Garden with beautiful plants


Garden with beautiful plants

The choice of plant species should be correlated with the amount of time you have to take care of them. If you don’t have the opportunity to spare the necessary time to look after different species with different needs, you can choose those types of plants, which are easy to look after. Such are the perennial plants and most types of bushes, like lilac, strawberries and roses.
Shelters can be built to protect the plants from bad weather conditions. Hence, it is appropriate that the types of plants, which prefer similar weather conditions, be planted next to one another. Frequently used materials for building the shelter are cloth, if you intend to use it as a sunshade, and wood, if you need a strong construction.

Garden exterior


Garden exterior with modern furniture

It is important that the colours of the separate plant species and exterior elements blend in a harmonious colour range. In case you have chosen furniture, which are not made of natural resources, suitable colours would be white, green and light tones of warm colours. The decoration elements should be moderately used, as the accent in the exterior composition is not to be placed on them.

Green garden exterior


Green garden exterior

The arrangement of the garden exterior is not a strictly regulated process. In the basis of the garden furnishing conception is the idea of recreating a nature crib in the confines of the home. Therefore, the plants can simply be situated according to the exposure to sunlight. All types of plants should be present, so the garden would have a completed landscape outlook.

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