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Exterior color schemes trends, tips and ideas

Exterior color schemes ideas trendy colors shade of red dark roof color

How to choose the best house color? This is a question that arises for everyone who is building a brand new home or planning to refresh his existing one. One thing is for sure – the house color is of as much importance as the interior colors and has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. Exterior color schemes offer many solutions for fantastic curb appeals, and there are some basic rules that need to be followed.

Exterior color schemes trends

Trendy colors house exterior paint color schemes blue white

Fashions and trends come and go even in exterior color schemes. Blue, lavender, sunny yellow, green or lilac are amongst the trendiest colors lately. However, exterior paint color schemes come with a variety of shades and hues and once you have decided to go for a new house color, it may be quite confusing. In addition to that painting a house is not an easy task. It usually costs quite a bit, it’s time, money and effort consuming. Rule number one when choosing your home exterior color is to take your time. You do not need to rush, but to carefully pick the best color for your home, as it will keep the same appearance for years. Look around your neighborhood – what are the house colors around you? Do they stand out? Do you want your house to stand out or you prefer to blend in the environment? What are your preferred house exterior color schemes? Classic? Modern? Beach style?

Basic rules in house exterior color schemes

Traditional exterior color scheme yellow white

The basic rule in house exterior color schemes is to use three colors or three shades of the same color, where one shade is the dominant color, a medium tone accents the wood archway over the front door, for example and a deeper shade around the windows and doors adds the final accent. You may have a bold contrasting color accent, but you need to be careful and choose it with care. The classic warm beige and bright white around windows and on rails can be replaced by shades of leaf green, cobalt blue, tender orchid or plum. Look at the gallery below and the house exterior color schemes. You may find exactly what you need.

 Modern house exterior color schemes tips natural wood panels

When we talk about exteriors and house appearance, we have to mention that latest trends feature inspiring designs which use the natural colors of different materials. For example – wood cladding can be a spectacular accent, especially darker stained wood. It looks noble and works for modern house exteriors and for traditional ones. Bricks or stone are also a good idea as they can work with neutral colors as well as become an accent and a focal point of the exterior and complement or enhance different colors and add richness and texture.

 Modern home exterior in a variety of colors

Modern house exterior color schemes ideas trendy colors red orange green

 A combination of three bold colors

house exterior color schemes trends bold gree and red

A fresh green accent color on the front door

modern exterior color schemes blue white

 Classic and elegant beige white exterior color scheme

house paint colors exterior color schemes trends

The brick red color is complemented by white details

house exterior color schemes trends brick red

 Mediterranean style house exterior colors

Exterior color schemes tips and ideas mediterranean style exterior esign

 Colorful house exteriors – Bahamas

exterior paint color schemes colorful homes Bahamas

 The olive green house exterior blends the home into the environment

Exterior paint color schemes ideas olive green

House exterior color schemes shades of blue green accent

exterior paint color schemes traditional white

exterior paint color schemes trends blue white natural stone

exterior paint color schemes classic beach blue white

Exterior color schemes trends tips and ideas mediterranean style

Exterior color schemes tips and ideas

trendy house exterior color schemes natural neutral colors

Exterior color schemes ideas olive green white

Exterior color schemes ideas trendy colors bold red front door

exterior color schemes ideas classic beige white accents

colorful exterior house color schemes Whitstable England

best house exterior color schemes ideas two tones

Beach style exterior color scheme beige green


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