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Backyard splash pad – the perfect summer fun for the kids

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It will be more than super cool to have your own water park, wouldn’t it? Installing a backyard splash pad is the easiest way to go and you can be sure that your children will have fun for hours. Residential splash pads are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. They are an excellent solution for small spaces, they are safer than pools, especially if you have small children, they are cheaper and easier to maintain than a pool.

 Backyard splash pad – pros and cons

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Any caring parent would carefully consider the pros and cons of a backyard splash pad. Of course, summer activities for the children are important and it is good for their health to spend time outdoors. However, you should not compromise the safety of your garden water features. Splash pads usually have very low water levels and the chances of accidental drowning are close to nil.

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One of the biggest advantages of splash pads is their lower cost compared to installing a pool in the garden. Of course, this would depend on the size, materials and additional details, but you could always opt for a portable splash pad before undertaking a construction of a bigger one. Splash pads give you the opportunity to choose between various sizes. Big or small – it is only up to you to decide. Designs can blend the splash pad into the yard, patio or pool deck.

 A lot of fun with a backyard splash pad

backyard splash pad design ideas garden landscape ideas

When you choose a backyard splash pad you need to make sure that you have chosen the right size for your patio area. You need to be sure that the pad has a soft non-slip surface as well. Further, you need to decide what kind of sprinklers you want. Some splash pads have controls for the height and force of water and others do not. You could combine different nozzles and create different zones – soft sprays for young children and more powerful and higher sprays for older children. There are many possibilities but one thing is for sure – you will have a major fun attraction in the backyard!

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 Summer fun for your children

Splash pad backyard water park ideas kids activities

An elegant water feature for the backyard

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Splash pad in the backyard – an attractive place for outdoor games

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Garden decor and fantastic water games spot

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Splash pads are suitable for small backyards

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Awesome backyard splash pad

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