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Small balcony ideas – creative decorations and beautiful designs

small balcony ideas balcony decoration ideas balcony furniture

Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a real oasis and that is easily achieved with the right decoration. With beautiful plants and some splashes of color you can create a wonderful place where you can enjoy the summer time.

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Here we give you some small balcony ideas and show you lovely balcony design that can help and inspire you.

Small balcony ideas – Tips for a beautiful design


small balcony design ideas flowerpots garden furniture rocking chair round table

One of the simplest and most beautiful things you can add to your balcony are the blooming plants. These small balcony ideas will show you how the smallest balcony can accommodate one or two flowerpots.

balcony design ideas decoration ideas petunias wood railing lantern

Another option is to grow a mini herb or vegetable garden. Many fruits and vegetables come in dwarf varieties for growing in a planter box. Lemons, tomatoes and peppers are perfect for that.

Small balcony ideas – Tips for balcony design in the city

small balcony ideas balcony decoration ideas metal railings hanging plants

Flowers are the perfect decor for balconies. When you choose the flowers for your balcony you need to consider the amount of direct sun light and the orientation of the balcony.

small balcony ideas privacy protection flowers balcony furniture ideas

For a nice effect, use ivy or other vines that would ensure privacy and sun protection. These plants wind around everything they touch and create a green oasis in the city.

 small balcony ideas balcony decoration plants pots wooden chairs

Folding furniture is most suitable for a small balcony because it does not take up much space. A small sofa would be a nice idea as well.

Cosy balcony rattan sofa carpet glass table small balcony design ideas

Outdoor rugs and carpets are another great way to add color to the balcony. An artificial grass carpet or a mat with a stylish pattern and texture would make the balcony look cozy and inviting.

small balcony ideas balcony decoration colorful fabrics wooden furniture

Adding colors is also among the best small balcony ideas to create a nice atmosphere on the balcony. A warm, welcoming atmosphere is achieved with pillows, flower pots and other accents in red, orange and yellow.

small balcony ideas decoration tips chair carpet ivy wall sconce

Give your balcony a fresh look with elements in blue, green and white. Adding light accents with candles, large and small lanterns, and solar-powered lights will create a romantic atmosphere.


small balcony ideas balcony furniture balcony lantern small rattan stools balcony table

small balcony ideas balcony decoration privacy bamboo mats

small balcony ideas balcony decoration flower pots awing balcony furniture ideas

Decoration ideas for small balcony small table colorful accents

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