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Outdoor TV enclosure ideas – take the entertainment outdoors

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Outdoor TV enclosure ideas provide an opportunity to spend more time in the open air and enjoy your favorite TV show, movies, sports events without having to leave the comfort of your patio. In the warm weather everyone wants to spend as much time as possible outdoors and in a quiet family evening watching some TV after dinner, or inviting your friends to join you and watch a basketball or a football game is an additional pleasure. What is the problem of getting your TV outdoors? Of course, you need to be sure that it is going to be protected from moisture, rain, and direct sunlight. TVs are manufactured to work within a temperature range and need certain conditions. Indoors you may not notice, but TVs also generate heat and they need cooling. Modern technology has partially solved this problem and flat screen TVs do not need large fans yet they will be damaged in unfavorable conditions.


Outdoor TV enclosure ideas – protect your TV from weather changes


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Outdoor TV enclosure ideas allow you to control and eliminate the negative effects of excessive heat or moisture so that your TV functions properly. You may have noticed that with weather changes water condensates during night time and that is a serious problem for outdoor TVs. Direct sunlight is also a serious problem which affects the lifespan of your TV and even if your model is equipped with special components to maintain the temperature, it could be a challenge to function properly and survive in your backyard. When you have an outdoor living room one of the solutions to bring out the entertainment is to buy a specialized outdoor TV. Those are designed to be resistant to rain, wind, insects, dust, moisture, etc.

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However, when you want to bring out your old TV and use it outdoors, you need a weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure. As easy as this may sound, you need to consider several factors. The market offers several options but before buying an outdoor TV enclosure, think of the cables, electricity, additional equipment and how you are going to arrange that as you would not want to trip over cables running across your outdoor area. Carefully check the description of the TV shield or TV enclosure that you have chosen to buy as some may be weatherproof and not waterproof. Check the material – experts recommend to opt for steel and not plastic, as plastic can be easily broken.


Outdoor TV enclosure ideas as a DIY project


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Although the market offers different options and outdoor TV enclosure ideas, there are homeowners who prefer to build an outdoor TV cabinet by themselves. On the first place, this is a simple and much more affordable solution as you can make an outdoor weatherproof TV cabinet which will accommodate your TV and you will open the doors when you want to watch it. You prime concern in any case should be safety, not only of your TV, but of the family. When you undertake a DIY project of this kind, you need to remember that water and humidity combined with electricity are extremely dangerous. If you have any doubts, consult professionals or look for another option.


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