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Grass pavers for the driveway, courtyard or the patio

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Grass pavers are widely popular for many reasons. They combine the necessity of strong and durable paving with the aesthetic appeal of green grass and the overall look of a beautiful lawn. We have all seen grass pavers on parking lots as they are manufactured with a commercial grade standard but they are a perfect solution for residential driveways and even patio paving. Concrete grass pavers are blocks with wide openings through which grass grows.

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Urban development has led to a dramatic transformation of the surfaces that were once agricultural areas. The use of surfaces with little ability to reflect heat has greatly altered the natural heat balance, resulting in a warmer microclimate within the city areas compared to remote and rural areas. In addition, surfaces such as asphalt paving increase the flow rate of water that flows in sewage systems which leads to the increase of sediment and pollutants. We all feel the consequences of that and many companies are involved in the effort to find a solution.


Why choose grass pavers?


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Grass pavers allow water to filter back into the soil gradually and naturally which prevents soil erosion. Grass grows right through them and you get a unique landscape which harmoniously works in gardens, patios or park landscapes and in many urban areas harmony with nature is getting more and more important.

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Grass pavers are durable and thick and have exceptional wear resistance and bear heavy traffic loads without any problem. That is the reason why they are used in public parking areas as well as for paving the driveways of private homes. In addition, they provide an excellent drainage and the paved surface is not flooded. The easy installation is another advantage of grass pavers.

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Although brick or natural stone pavers are more popular among customers, grass pavers allow not only grass seeds, but gravel, sand or turf to be added into the hollow part or a combination of grass and gravel, for example so that you get an attractive appearance of your driveway or patio.


How to install grass pavers?


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Grass pavers are an excellent solution for driveways or walkways. If you think of installing a grass paver driveway you have to spare some time and put some effort but there is no doubt that the result will be worth the time and sweat. You can use the existing outline of your driveway and check if there are drainage pipes to carry away any ground water. If there are not drainage pipe make sure to install some below the surface of the driveway or pathway. Use crushed rock as a base for the grass pavers, then pack it with a compactor to form a firm foundation. Install the grass pavers and cut the blocks to fit the size of the driveway or pathway. Spread soil over the pavers, level it and spread out grass seeds. Water the area and keep it watered until the grass sprouts.


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