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15 ideas for the construction and design of garden retaining walls

Garden retaining wall steps stair design ideas

Garden retaining walls perform several functions, and play important roles in the design. They are not only a support for gardens which lie on slopes, but also offer a perfect solution for sensible space allocation. Through a small retaining wall, you can separate the different areas in the garden from each other  – so it is possible to have a patio, a flower garden and a vegetable garden in a limited space.

Garden retaining walls – the effect of natural stone

Sloping garden retaining wall ideas seating area

A garden retaining wall can be made of concrete, natural stone or granite. Cinder block retaining wall ideas are especially popular because construction companies mix the materials – the concrete for the retaining wall is later pasted with stone tiles to achieve a natural look . A wall of dry stone is the best /but often the most expensive option /. The granite walls are cheaper compared to the natural stone walls and can be built fairly quickly. Limestone is also an option – it can be combined with stairs and is suitable for homes that are on a slope. Often lighting is integrated into the design – so the wall is a real eye-catcher, and particularly for lower walls, it is recommended for safety reasons – to avoid stumbling in the darkness and hurt yourselves.

Design ideas for garden retaining walls

Concrete retaining wall design idea water features

Combine the garden retaining walls with planters or flower pots. A wood retaining wall design can become a focal point, or divide the garden into different areas. Often, the garden wall is being built in a semicircular form, and frames the patio area. So you can have a cozy seating area in the middle of the garden, surrounded by plants and flowers. Often the garden walls are combined with stairs. Especially helpful they are for homes that are located on a slope, and have a limited open space. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to use a small garden and decorate it many beautiful areas with plants and flowers. So let yourself be inspired by these wonderful suggestions!


Wooden planters staircase retaining wall idea

Wooden garden wall stairs flower house entrance

Wooden garden retaining wall stair interesting design

Round patio wooden wall bench patio design

Pool stone retaining wall garden slope

pink garden retaining walls design landscape ideas

Natural stone retaining wall garden design English style

Garden wall design ideas plants

Garden pool patio design idea

Garden design tips ideas garden retaining wall

DIY wooden retaining wall design ideas

Concrete retaining wall Lawn Garden design

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