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Roof hatch ideas – modern rooftop access options

modern roof top balcony roof hatch ideas roof access hatches

Roof hatch ideas vary as much as roofs do. Roof hatches have to provide easy roof access whether you need it for maintenance of the roof or to access your rooftop garden or roof deck. What is of greatest importance for roof hatches is the safe and secure access to the roof and we shall look at the different options and some of the most popular types of roof access hatches.


Modern roof hatch ideas – materials and properties


roof terrace door roof access roof hatch with stairs

Hatches can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, or other modifications to meet the specific needs and provide convenient roof access. There are many roof hatch ideas which feature different materials – aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel or a combination of aluminum and steel. Roof hatches have to provide an efficient thermal insulation and keep the heat inside during winter period and the cool during summer time.

roof hatch with lid safety railings roof access ideas

Roof hatch security is an issue that you should consider carefully. Make sure you the hinges are weather resistant so you are not unpleasantly surprised from rust. When choosing the roof hatch, you need to check the weight as a heavier construction may be not suitable for your roof.

roof hatch ideas roof hatch safety railings roof access

Roof hatch safety should be a priority and you should consider hand rail equipment which will ease the exiting to the roof. Many models are equipped with an automatic locking which guarantees that the hatch will not close and lock you out.

roof hatch ladders stairs roof aceess ideas

You need to choose from a variety of hatch stairs, ladders, scissor stairs, retractable and removable stairs and make sure that they can be easily locked when in use to prevent accidental falling.

roof access hatches roof access hatch with retractable ladder

Consider roof hatches with fire resisting properties. Such designs feature fire rated cover and if you use your roof as an outdoor entertaining area, such an additional feature is especially recommendable.


Roof hatch ideas and types of hatch opening


roof top deck roof garden roof hatch stairs vertical structure

The different roof hatch ideas feature not only a variety of materials but different options for opening. Lifting roof hatch, semi-retracting roof access, electrically operated lift top hatch, hinged roof hatch, double leaf roof hatch, sliding roof hatch, etc. With a motorized or manual operation – this is entirely dependent on the customer’s choice and the construction of the roof.

Sliding roof hatch lid roof access ideas rooftop deck

Sliding roof hatches are extremely wind resistant with great safety features for the users and easy maintenance and eventual replacement costs.

roof top deck ideas roof hatch with ladder roof access

Hinged or lift top roof hatch are one of the most popular roof access hatches. They do not require vertical sides and sometimes the lid, when open, can be performing the role of a protective balustrade for the stairs.

roof garden roof deck ideas roof hatch safety railings

If you opt for a raised roof hatch you have to make sure that the roof will be able to support the construction and there is a possibility for enough headroom above the hatch stairs.

what is roof hatch roof access hatch openings

Glazed roof hatch ideas are simple, convenient and efficient. The major advantage of glazed roof hatches is that they do not block natural light. Glazed hatches are quite suitable for apartments, small houses or office buildings.


roof hatch with stairs retractable ladder roof access

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