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30 Beautiful stamped concrete patios ideas and lovely exterior designs

awesome patios stamped concrete patio ideas patio deck ideas

We have collected 30 beautiful stamped concrete patios ideas which will show you how you can take advantage of this technology and arrange a fabulous exterior.

stamped concrete patios ideas pros cons technology

Nowadays it is almost is impossible to carry out construction work without the use of concrete – a material that replaces the stone, and known to mankind for more than six thousand years.

stamped concrete patio designs patio decorating ideas wooden outdoor furniture

The technology of stamped concrete is used to create outdoor flooring which mimics the colors and textures of natural materials. Thus the design creates the appearance of natural stone, brick, pavers, animal skin or wood planks.

patio pool stamped concrete patios ideas exotic palm trees

A great advantage of the stamped concrete is the possibility to design a concrete pavement surface, which is fully consistent with the architectural style of buildings and elements of landscape design.

Stamped concrete patios ideas – advantages of stamped concrete

large patio deck flooring ideas stamped concrete sunshade pergola

One of the biggest advantages of stamped concrete is the incredible variety of shapes, textures and colors. Another advantage is the visual appearance.

stamped concrete patios ideas outdoor furniture privacy garden fence

Stamped concrete is very design friendly as it offers a gorgeous appearance, but also such important properties as increased durability, increased hardiness, protection from environmental impact, ease of maintenance.

awesome patio design stamped concrete flooring outdoor lounge furniture

When we talk about stamped concrete patios ideas we have to mention the ease of performance as well. Applying stamped concrete can be performed by anyone as the process does not require an extensive experience.

patio designs stamped concrete patios ideas outdoor furniture

Last, but not least, the price factor is always important. The price of stamped concrete is significantly less than other outdoor flooring methods.

Stamped concrete patios ideas – what is the best base for applying stamped concrete?

exterior designs stamped concrete patios ideas fireplace outdoor furniture

It is important to know that stamped concrete patios ideas require some preliminary preparation. In general the concrete can be applied on any surface – gypsum, plaster, concrete, OSB, particle board, gypsum board, etc.

stamped concrete patios ideas patio flooring ideas

Make sure that the surface is not subjected to deformations, since it can cause premature cracking of the concrete at the surface as well as flaking.

Where and how to use stamped concrete?

stamped concrete patio landscaping ideas patio decoration

Stamped concrete designs are especially popular for patios, playgrounds, decks near pools, gardens, walkways, gazebos,etc.

stamped concrete patios ideas cool patio desings mediterranean style

The process of creating the desired stamp includes applying the chosen print on a concrete that has not yet completely hardened. This way you create an imitation of conventional materials.

rustic patio design stamped concrete patio flooring outdoor furniture

Concrete stamping technology basically combines with other decorating methods to achieve a specific color of the concrete. After the stamping is complete, special sealants are applied to preserve its appearance and protect against damage.

stamped concrete patios ideas how to apply stamped concrete


stamped concrete designs patio flooring ideas patio decoration ideas outdoor fireplace


small patio flooring ideas stamped concrete patio ideas patio deck white pergola


small patio design ideas stamped concrete patio ideas firepit


small patio design ideas stamped concrete patio deck outdoor dining urniture


patio pool deck stamped concrete patio landscape ideas


patio landscaping ideas wrought iron patio furniture stamped concrete patio flooring


patio landscape designs outdoor pool wooden furniture stamped concrete flooring


patio flooring ideas stamped concrete curved garden path firepit


patio design ideas stamped concrete flooring firepit outdoor furniture


patio deck ideas stamped concrete patio flooring designs


outdoor swimming pool patio design stamped concrete flooring sunbeds


how to apply stamped concrete patio flooring ideas patio deck designs


garden pool stamped concrete pool deck sunbeds


garden pool ideas stamped concrete patio flooring modern patio desings


contemporary patio design stamped concrete ideas fireplace sunbed


beautiful stamped concrete patio ideas patio deck decoration


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