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Tips on modern outdoor lighting – 40 ideas for a magic game of light

unique modern outdoor lighting design exterior landscaping swinning-pool

We all like to look at our gardens. Some of us prefer to spend time in the open than indoors and an investment in modern outdoor lighting seems like a reasonable thing to do. The exterior lighting is an accent to the garden design, especially when it is dark. We tried to find the good initiatives and best original and modern exterior lighting ideas for your garden

Looking for a specialist for modern outdoor lighting

garden exterior lights arrangement accents blooming flowers

Lighting in the garden is a typical element of modern garden design. In daylight you can see the wonderful garden figures, bright colors and great shapes and all of these are easily visible. The cleverly designed garden lighting will add unique charm to your outdoor area. It will look different, as if your garden is wearing a festive evening dress. A game of lights and shadows outside creates new forms and a magical atmosphere. It is advisable that you turn to a professional to design your modern outdoor lighting so that you get the maximum effect.

 A word of advice on modern outdoor lighting

spectacular exterior lighting water basin waterfall

Modern outdoor lighting is constructed and designed based on a system of lighting fixtures. There are a few things you need to consider at the stage of planning. The most important is, undoubtedly, safety. All fixtures should be safe for the people using the garden, as well as pets or birds. The outdoor lighting should be designed in a way that it does not interfere with plants and flowers. Another important issue in an exterior lighting is the cost effectiveness. Involving an electricity engineer and a landscape architect would be a much better idea than stumbling over numerous hidden obstacles.

artistic outdoor lighting white pergola wooden deck

 Stylish patio arrangement with comfortable outdoor furniture

patio lanscaping design modern outdoor lighting sitting area privacy garden fence

 Multicolored outdoor lighting

multicolored modern outdoor lighting ambient atmosphere in garden

 Outdoor lighting accents the exterior

patio design ideas outdoor lighting deck

 Magnificent garden lights

modern outdoor lighting swimming pool retaining wall small waterfall

 Lighting as an element of the exterior design

modern outdoor lighting front yard sculpture fountain entrance

 Mixed types of exterior lighting

modern outdoor lighting design accents patio water element

 Outdoor lighting changes the appearance of the garden

modern lighting design ideas exterior lights garden

 Accent lighting on garden decor elements

modern landscaping design ideas outdoor lighting stone retaining wall wagon

 Artistic exterior lighting

spectacular outdoor lighting beautiful light accents contrasts

modern garden lighting design pergola seating area garden path

contemporary garden lighting design ideas light shadow game waterfall

modern garden design exterior lights patio furniture

exterior lighting design waterfall pool night lights

modern outdoor lighting design accents bridge fountain in pool

landscape design outdoor lights modern house exterior

landscape design ideas garden lights path

landscape design beautiful waterfall outdoor lighting

house exterior lighting entrance front yard lighting

house exterior design ideas garden lights around jacuzzi

house exterior design garden lights design

gorgeous garden design exterior lights accents

garden lights ideas flowers waterfall

garden lighting design blue light bamboo tree

garden design modern patio furniture outdoor lighting

garden design ideas modern outdoor lighting entrance footpath

festive romantic outdoor lighing palms garden lights blue green

festive garden lights pergola light garlands

fantastic outdoor lighting swimming pool island deck

exterior lighting ideas red light contrast green plants

exterior lighting accents exotic trees

exterior light design fountain trees

creative outdoor ambient lighting shadows exterior lamps

beautiful outdoor lighting waterfall rocks modern garden design

outdoor lighting small bench

beautiful garden lighting pool jacuzzi outdoor table

amazing modern outdoor lighting garden path stairs retaining wall


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