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Garden path design – how to choose the best material and vision?

stylish modern garden path design concrete natural stone river stones

You want to create a garden path, but can not decide about the material? We shall try to overview of the basic principles and possibilities for a harmonious garden path design. The three main principles that you must follow are – the garden path should be stable, in compliance with the style of the garden design and naturally, built according to the purpose.

Creating a garden path design – be rational

 small patio design stone paths tiles flooring succulents

Before you create the garden path design, you should do some careful planning.  The path should be designed in such a way so that slipping is prevented while walking in the rain or snow. It is also very important how often and  how many people will use the path. If you need a garden path, which will circle around your flower beds and facilitates working in the garden, it could be about 1 meter wide. But planning a path that leads to the gazebo, for example, you should provide a minimum width of 1.5 meters.

Creating a garden path design  – gravel, paving stones or wood?

Pebble base solid stable nonslip garden path design small privacy hedge plants

A gravel garden path has several advantages – it is a low-cost option and is easy to lay. You do not need great knowledge and also drainage is not necessary as the water runs off easily. Disadvantages – a gravel path is difficult to keep clean. Therefore, it is recommended use gravel only at sunny sites. Otherwise moss could grow. Garden path design using paving stones has some benefits. The paving stones are slip resistant and appear natural. With a good quality and a stable base, this path may last for several decades. Disadvantages – The paving stones are made of concrete or natural stone. The huge choice of stone types might confuse, and you should already know the differences between the different types of stone. Here it is in any case recommended that one opts for the already expensive alternative – these stones are frost resistant. The garden path made of wood is a cheap alternative that looks natural. The drawback is especially the slippery surface of the timber.


Mediterranean style garden path design pergola pebble path

Stylish house exterior with a beautiful mosaic 

house exterior design entrance mosaic garden path trees lion figures

Gravel garden path and wooden dining furniture

Gravel garden path design outdoor dining furniture design wood

 Curved lines of the garden path

Garden path design ideas sandstone flooring

 Natural stones path around a waterfall

Garden path design ideas natural stone waterfall flowers trees

 Natural stone garden path

Garden path design concrete slabs stone terrace flowers

 Recessed lighting and retaining walls

Garden landscape ideas path design paving stones pebbles recessed lighting

 Stairs and garden path made of wood and gravel

Garden design ideas wooden stair railing flower pots

Concrete slabs pavers house exterior design entrance privacy garden fence

garden path design ideas wooden deck concrete retaining walls

Garden path design ideas walkway arches low plants

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