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75 inspiring and modern deck design ideas for a relax in the open

modern deck design ideas fireplace white outdoor furniture

If you wanted to add value to your property – adding a deck is one way to do it. But more often it is not so much about value but about creating a comfortable outdoor space. Look at these modern deck design ideas and find the one that suits you best.

Modern deck design ideas for better quality time in the open

beautiful home exterior design ideas patio furniture flowers

Having a well designed deck is a way to connect the indoor and outdoor space of your home. Modern deck design ideas offer wide variety of styles for the comfort of the family. Materials are of great significance – wood, tiles, concrete, marble – it is all up to you and your personal taste.

Modern deck design ideas with a personal touch

outdoor design modern landscape wooden deck

Planning the style of the deck is as important as planning the home interior. Modern deck design ideas may help you add your personal touch to the outdoor space with the type of fireplace, or the choice of benches and furniture. If you wished to create an outdoor lounge area then you shall need one type of furniture. And if it is a party and entertaining area – a completely different design and furniture will be proper for that area of your home.


wooden deck traditional style big dining table

 Wonderful design of a rooftop area with a stone fireplace

wonderful rooftop terrace wooden deck stone fireplace seating area

 Magnificent rustic style design

wonderful deck design rustic style fireplace seating area

 Modern patio furniture and wooden deck

contemporary wooden deck flowers red shades dining area

 Creative rooftop terrace design with wooden deck

urban landscape design industrial style wooden deck

 Small patio design idea with wooden deck and fireplace

small patio design wooden deck fireplace

Wooden deck and bar area in patio

small patio design ideas wooden decks bar area

 Beautiful outdoor area

small garden landscape ideas wooden deck round dining table

Stylish deck in minimalist style with a fireplace

small wooden deck fireplace garden area

 Elegant garden landscaping

small garden landscape design wooden deck stylish patio furniture

 Small patio with wooden deck and dining area

garden landscape design wooden deck modern patio furniture

garden landscape design wooden deck dining table

small garden design ideas wooden deck modern furniture

small deck design ideas wood outdoor furniture

rustic style deck design natural stone wood

rooftop landscape ideas modern deck with outdoor furniture

patio furniture small deck design idea

modern outdoor space design industrial style deck dining area

modern home exterior design levelled wooden deck

modern deck wood tiles firplace outdoor accent lighting

modern deck design wood natural stone kitchen dining area

modern deck design outdoor shower

modern deck design ideas wood columns and lounge furniture

modern deck design ideas small space fireplace benches

modern deck design ideas relaxing area outdoor furniture

modern deck design ideas outdoor kitchen space seating area

modern deck design ideas low furniture wooden deck

modern deck design ideas creative outdoor lighting

modern deck design ideas beach style deck and outdoor furniture

modern deck design ideas beach style wooden deck dining area

modern deck design ideas beach house style

minimalist style deck design wood concrete natural stone

landscape design wooden deck round fireplace seating area

landscape design ideas large wooden deck dining area

industrial style wooden deck design metal stairs

house exterior design round fireplace wooden deck dining area

house exterior design ideas levelled wooden deck small table

home exterior design ideas deck patio furniture

gorgeous wooden deck with fireplace and armchairs

fantastic wooden deck design different levels relax area

fantastic modern rooftop deck design idea coffee table candles

fantastic modern deck with fireplace dining area

exterior design ideas large wooden deck area

elegant deck design patio furniture

creative exterior design ideas rooftop terrace wooden deck

creative deck designs wooden path levelled deck beach

creative modern deck design ideas contemporary home

creative deck design ideas bar area game zone lounge area

contemporary wooden deck levels incorporated lighting

contemporary rooftop wooden deck soft outdoor furniture

contemporary home exterior design wooden deck and stairs

contemporary design ideas wooden deck retaining wall

contemporary deck design wood concrete modern patio furniture

contemporary deck design ideas fireplace dining and lounge area

beautiful wooden deck white outdoor furniture

beautiful wooden deck design concrete retaining walls flowers

beautiful wooden deck design asian style running water

modern rooftop deck mediterranean style with panorama view

beautiful home exterior wooden deck fireplace

beautiful deck wood and concrete dining and coffee area

outdor patio with modern wooden deck

wooden terrace deck eclectic style

modern deck design ideas wood flooring pool firepit

 modern deck design ideas wooden floor outdoor lighting design

 modern deck design ideas string lights pricvacy curtains

 modern deck design ideas shade sails patio cover ideas outdoor furniture

 modern deck design ideas grey leather sectional sofa teak dining table

 modern deck design ideas covered patio deck garden pool

 modern deck design ideas covered deck patio design ideas contemporary house

 modern deck design ideas backyard hot tub spa wood deck ideas

 Elegant modern deck design ideas backyard furniture ideas

 beautiful modern deck design ideas wood flooring lawn


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