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20 Pool shade ideas to protect you during hot summer days

Pool shade ideas sails modern patio decoration garden fence

We have collected 20 pool shade ideas to help you choose the best type for your swimming pool. It is most natural when you think of a swimming pool to think of sun, beautiful weather and time outdoors. Besides the practical function pool shades can add significantly to the appearance of your backyard or patio and serve you for years.

Pool shade ideas and types of sun protection

retractable canopy ideas pool shade outdoor swimming pool

When you install a shade over your swimming pool you can transform your patio area into a modern looking and pleasant space with a lot of style and contemporary ambience.

pool shade ideas sail awning patio decorating ideas

The most popular type of pool shade ideas are the shade sails. They get more and more popular because allow an installation in various angles. Besides they are offered in a wide variety of colors and can be designed in a stylish way to create a bright and practical solution for your home.

modern patio pool shade sail awnings garden fence privacy protection

Sail shades could blocks up to 96% of UV and does not heat up which is another great advantage.

retractable canopy outdoor pool shade ideas patio design pool decor

Retractable canopies are also a very popular pool shade solution. They could provide sun protection to a big section of a pool. Retractable canopies are available in cheaper or more expensive options, and in various decorative patterns to add to the visual appeal of the space. The retractable option allows the owner to have control over the shade which is important for outdoor pools.

patio design ideas outdoor pool sun shade umbrella

We should not forget the most obvious and traditional option of the pool shade ideas – umbrellas. Umbrellas have been in use for centuries to provide sun protection and are the perfect choice for people who want to have flexibility and a movable shade.

Pool shade ideas featuring permanent constructions


outdoor swimming pool shade ideas wooden pergola patio decoration

A pergola is the most obvious choice if you wanted a permanent construction. A pergola over the pool will be a magnificent centerpiece in the patio and cast enough shade.

swimming pool shades cantilevers sun protection ideas

Another contemporary suggestion from all the pool shade ideas would be the cantilevers. Their structure is using a single support structure on one side.

Umbrella swimming pool sun protection ideas modern patio

We all rely on pool shades in the greatest heat of summer. However, is good to think about something very important – the cleaning of the awning or canopy. Regular cleaning is essential for the life span of the fabric and construction. At the end of the summer season you need to wash the shade, especially ones crated from fabrics and wrap them well during the winter period to avoid dirt and damage. Most pool shades are easily cleaned with water and brush. Some types may require special cleaning solutions so you need to check with the manufacturer or the dealer.


Modern home with a huge pergola casting a shade over the pool

20 Pool shade ideas contemporary home pergola patio deck

Individual sun protection

outdoor swimming pool shade ideas paraflex umbrellas modern patio decor

Permanent structures require a bigger investment

outdoor swimming pool roof sun protection ideas modern patio

Sail shades have a variety of colors for every taste

outdoor swimming pool design ideas sun shade patio awning

pool awning ideas sun protection ideas patio pool

Square umbrellas swimming pool sun protection ideas patio design

outdoor swimming pool sun shade ideas patio awnings ideas

modern patio outdoor swimming pool pergola sun protection ideas

canteliver umbrellas pool shade ideas outdoor swimming pool ideas

20 Pool shade deas patio design outdoor awnings

20 Pool shade ideas outdoor awnings patio deck


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