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Beautiful Saltillo tile floor – Mediterranean patio decor ideas

mediterranean style patio decor Saltillo tile floor outdoor furniture

Everyone loves the way a Saltillo tile floor looks. They look strikingly beautiful indoors and outdoors. We will show you how these clay tiles can transform your patio and give it a fantastic Mediterranean look or a Hacienda style appearance in addition you can use some of the elements as patio decorating ideas on a budget. Add color to the garden entryway, to an outside barbecue area, add a wrought iron furniture set, lush plants and you will have an outdoor area which will please you for years on end.


Saltillo tile floor for the patio – a warm cozy space for lovely time outdoors


Mediterranean patio design Saltillo tile floor pergola iron furniture

When you choose Saltillo tile for your patio, pool deck, courtyard or other outdoor spaces you are not choosing patio flooring but a lifestyle. Nowadays, when outdoor area is highly appreciated as an extension of the living space, having a cozy, welcoming patio means a lot more time with family and friends. With the beautiful earthy tones, the tiles bring Nature to your backyard, patio or porch. Traditional Saltillo tiles vary in shades from warm hues of reds to oranges and yellows. This color palette blends well with many styles and colors and is the ideal choice for Mediterranean, Mexican, Western styled decors.


Saltillo tile floor – add texture and character to the outdoor area


hacienda decor ideas Saltillo tile floor iron furniture outdoor fireplace

Saltillo tiles have a Mexican origin and originally were made by hand and even tiles manufactured nowadays will give a beautiful “old world” look to your patio. However, you should remember that a Saltillo tile floor absorbs and retains heat which results in extremely hot flooring so if you plan to walk barefoot, you’d better opt for other types of patio floor cover. The high maintenance is also something to keep in mind. Saltillo tiles are porous and require regular sealing too keep them from staining and water absorption. Despite the disadvantages, if you are a fan of the charming atmosphere in the patio and the beautiful, natural, earthy colors, a Saltillo tile floor will add texture and character to your outdoor area.



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