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Funky Basement Transformations – Inspiration to extend your living space with style


Often forgotten and left as a dark damp subterranean pit, the basement in your home may be a yet undiscovered treasure.  Most of us crave more space regardless of our lifestyles  or the size of our home.  Nobody thinks twice about making a loft conversation so why not go for a funky basement transformation?

Featured here are some exciting ways to turn a basement into a highly desirable extension to your living space.  So if you are lucky enough to own space under your house it could be time to start getting creative.

Lighting is important in your basement transformation


Below ground rooms are often lacking in natural illumination, windows may be high up and relatively small or in many cases non existent.  So to make your funky basement transformation light and airy rather than dark and dungeon like, you will have to think of ways to bring more light into the space.  These days this isn’t a problem with the ready availability of daylight bulbs or even light tubes that channel daylight into dark underground spaces.  Or you could go to the extreme as shown in this indoor sports hall and knock out the whole basement ceiling to create a dramatic double height area which benefits from natural light from the ground level windows.

The Basement Transformation as a Cozy Den.


Below ground rooms do have some great advantages. They can be very warm and cozy and also wonderfully private once your funky basement transformation is complete. Obviously you will need to insulate and damp proof the whole area and introduce ways to keep it well ventilated.  But once these basic provisions are in place, you can let your imagination run wild and turn your once dingy cellar into a stylish bar, a fabulous games room or a superb den for you to relax in peace and privacy.  Shown here are some of the most ambitious basement transformations around.

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