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Prize winning and pioneering architect Zaha Hadid is creating exciting new ground in global architectural design. Her work is visionary and totally breathtaking, not only reflecting her creative genius but also her uncompromising attitudes. Featured here is a selection of key buildings that serve as an introduction to Hadid’s highly original style. A series of future articles will examine individual projects with attention to detail that her sublime creations warrant.

Montpellier interior architecture by Zaha Hadid


Hadid has worked with determination to establish herself in the predominantly ‘male’ world of architecture. She continues to strive for perfection and an honest realisation of her visions. Her refusal to compromise in the execution of her designs has resulted in loss of commissions and some magnificent designs never leaving the drawing board. But it is exactly this unwavering determination that has pushed Hadid into the spotlight of contemporary architectural design. She does not allow anything to dilute the purity of her work. Like many great artists and designers before her, Hadid knows the risks associated with setting aside her principles for the sake of saving a business deal. She just doesn’t do it, her artistic integrity and ideologies remain paramount. This is largely what sets Zaha Hadid apart and gets her noticed.

Dancing Towers by Zaha Hadid

Dancing-Towers-architecture-by-Zaha- Hadid

Hadid has been labeled by some of her contemporaries as a ‘Diva’, temperamental and tough to work with. However, when producing work of this exceptional caliber, adopting a firm stance becomes a necessity in ensuring that your design plans are executed to perfection.  After graduating from the Architectural Association in London, it soon became clear that Zaha Hadid was not about to jump on the prevailing Post Modernist ‘bandwagon’.

Nordpark Cable Railway architecture


The roots of her inspirational work can be found firmly planted in unadulterated Modernism. However, Hadid’s ‘brand’ of Modernism has progressed and evolved to suit a contemporary world that has changed vastly in attitudes and expectations. Hadid’s architectural achievements burst forth in an unashamed blaze of glory. Sometimes blossoming like the petals of an unfurling flower, sometimes reaching skyward in a seemingly tendril like configuration.


Other edifices are undulating and wavelike, all are positively sculptural in their conception and a spectacular enhancement to any environment whether in a fast paced inner city or a remote countryside location. Each structure is conceived holistically to exist in harmony with its surroundings.

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Roca London Gallery


Roca London Gallery interior


Interior Roca London Gallery


Aquatics Centre for 2012 London Olympics


Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid Architecture design


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