The Top 10 Most Iconic Buildings in the World


Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul

This is a list of the most Iconic Buildings in our world today. Some of them are left as a legacy from our ancient ancestors; some are more modern and represent the cultures of the nations. Even though these buildings are totally different, they have one thing in common. They are all here to tell a story: 10. Hagia Sophia: This church is built in the 4th century and today it is one of the main attractions in Istanbul. Even though it is a museum today, it used to be a Greek Orthodox Church. Istanbul wasn’t always a Turkish city and a part of the Muslim world, a long time ago it was a part of the Christian world and there are many remains of those times.

Louvre architecture design


Louvre architecture design

9. The Louvre: This is quiet easy… Almost everyone has seen this architecture if not live, at least on pictures or in the movies. It’s one of the most famous buildings in the world and probably one of the easiest to recognize. It was built in11190 by Philip II. However the original structure was destroyed, all that was left of it was the Lower hall (The Salle Basse). Today it is a museum and holds about 380 000 art pieces.

Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab

 8. The Burj Al Arab: This is the second largest hotel in the world today. You can see it’s very modern; it’s designed by Tom Wright. There are 202 luxurious suits and of course it is situated in Dubai.

Sydney Opera House


Sydney Opera House architecture design

7. Sydney Opera House: The world wouldn’t be the same without the Sydney Opera House. It is designed by JornUtzon from Denmark even though due to some differences he resigned from the project and the building was finished without him. The construction began in 1958 and today this is the only center of Arts scene in Australia.

Empire State Building in New York


Empire State Building in New York

6. Empire State Building: Well this is one of the most significant buildings in our days. It is actually the tallest building in the world. And even though it was finished only for 410 days in 1930 this building sat empty for over 20 years, because of the Great Depression which burst exactly at that time. Today this monumental building in New York is standing tall as it for almost a century, it has faced many difficulties such as shootings, a plane crash and over 30 suicides…

Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal architecture

5. Taj Mahal: We’ve all seen this building is the crowning jewel of India. Even Freddie Mercury mentions it in one of his songs as a miracle. And yes, it definitely is a miracle if you know the story behind it. This building is the tribute of a man for his wife. It’s not just a building it’s the most incredible testament of love from a man to a woman. Even though it looks like a palace from a Disney Movie, it is actually a tomb made from the Emperor for his favorite wife.

Eiffel Tower in Paris


Eiffel Tower in Paris

4.Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower is renowned as the most romantic place on Earth. It was built in 1887. Even though it was meant to stay only for 20 years, today it is one of the biggest attractions in Europe and the rest of the world. Paris wouldn’t be the same with this tower. It is designed by Gustave Eiffel and today it is not only a huge attraction it is one of the most popular places for marriage proposals.

Bigben architecture design


Bigben architecture design

3. Big Ben: This is the world’s most famous clock. It is designed by Augustus Pugin, who died in 1852. The Big Ben tower was the last building he ever designed, but today it remains as one of the biggest European attractions, however no one really knows who it is named after.


The Colosseum in Rome

2. The Coliseum: This is the largest amphitheater ever built. It was built by the Ancient Romans, and what you see is what is left of it. There is seating for 50 000 people and it was used for many different things – performing dramas from Mythology, battles, animal hunt, executions and other activities that were very popular at that time. In our days the building attracts millions of tourists each year.

Giza pyramids


Giza pyramids

 1. The Gyza Pyramids: Well these are the oldest buildings and our N1 most Iconic buildings. These pyramids are situated on the Gyza plateau. They still amaze experts with the accuracy with which they were built. These pyramids are built as thombs for three different pharaohs; however there are still questions that need to be answered. How many people worked on the pyramids? How did they build them so accurately?

Some of those questions look for answers beyond the human civilizations…

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