“The Birds” Santiago Calatrava


Dublin’s new Beckett Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava

Genius Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is the author of the most impressive architectural masterpiece of steel and glass in various countries worldwide. His unique style is inspired by the forms of nature. He himself says that for him the world of geometry is as important as the structure and the world. For him they are inspired with a variety of materials and inexhaustible world of nature. He believes that the building must comply with the spirit and mood of the city and the people. Perfect combination of glass, light, metal, white flowers and long clean lines and harmony astonishes with its exact location in space.

Museum of Art in Milwaukee


Museum of Art in Milwaukee

Unique is the sense of movement that Calatrava was able to create the static buildings. Perhaps this is why one of the most characteristic elements in the drafts of the great architect is a bird in flight. Smooth elegant bird flight impresses visitors to the Museum of Art in Milwaukee. The building is constructed of white concrete and resembles the outstretched wings that open and close with the closing of the museum. Such a bird motif is embedded in the base of another project, Calatrava – Qatar Photography Museum. In the exquisite design of the museum is provided to external walls opens and closes according to the amount of light.

Qatar Photography Museum


Qatar Photography Museum Architecture Design

Birds of white steel, flying out of children’s hands, is another project of Santiago Calatrava. It is associated with the design of new transport link to the World Trade Center in New York. The roof of the City of Arts and Sciences in the hometown of Santiago Calatrava, Valencia has the item in the form of metal construction. Surreal “city” is among the masterpieces of the great Spanish architect. The huge structure of white concrete and broken ceramic tiles from traditional mosaic-style Antoni Gaudi is a modern sculpture on the horizon.

City of Arts and Sciences


City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava

In her volume includes buildings of steel, glass and concrete, gardens and ponds. The principal axis lies opera. It is a spectacular contrast between the steel casing and translucent glazed huge volumes. Pen on the roof is the most remarkable architectural detail. Calatrava’s unique style is harmoniously connected with the environment. With his brilliant works, it provokes the imagination of visitors. For some people, Palace of Arts is like a mix between a spacecraft and marine vessel for others it is a huge helmet of a warrior. Everyone sees architectural sculpture in its own way. And this makes the work of genius.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

 Palace of Arts


Palace of Arts

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