The Albatorss Avenue House by Bayden Goddard Design


Albatross Avenue House by Bayden Goddard Design

If you ever dreamt of a big house with front beach view and luxurious entertainment room for all your guests you should read about the Albatross Avenue house. Built by the architects in the young progressive design studio Bayden Goddard Design this coastal piece of paradise is situated in a residential street in Gold Coast, Australia. From spacious day lit living areas and ocean views to private swimming pool and entertaining rooms: this home offers everything a modern resident can ask for.

Albatross Avenue house architecture design


Contemporary Albatross Avenue house architecture design

House plan: The house consists of two wings, one of which accommodates guests and the other is for the permanent residents. The guest wing faces the street and provides generous living areas that create a perfect sense of comfort for the visitors. Apart from the nice guest bedrooms, they have their own kitchen, dining and living room that are connected to the entertainment area below. The other wing looks to the beach in the East and fills the family living areas with natural light and serene ocean scenery.

Luxury swimming pool design


Luxury swimming pool design

The space between the two wings of the house is treated as a private recreation area with a swimming pool in the middle. Large floor-to-ceiling windows reveal this enclosed space to the rooms socializing it with the indoor area.

Interior and exterior design


Albatross Avenue house interior and exterior design

Atmosphere: The house has this glamorous sense of holiday luxury that you get when you go on vacation. This feeling is created through the use of exquisite natural materials. Warm polished wood welcomes you upon entering the living areas while rich external wall glazing brings daylight into the whole place and opens it to the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Luxury fireplace design


Luxury fireplace design

White ceilings and some stone wall cladding add more sophisticated look to the living area while a long modern fireplace creates intimacy. The exterior of the house has recycled timber, stone and copper finishes that complete the overall image of an elegant modern home.
text by K.H.Hristova

Open plan dining and living area


Open plan dining and living area

Modern bathroom interior


Modern bathroom interior

Luxury Albatross Avenue house


Luxury Albatross Avenue house architecture design

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