Style and Luxury combined in an apartment in San Francisco


Luxury penthouse apartment by Craig Steely

Another wonderful, luxurious home by the talented architect Craig Steely has stunned San Francisco. This beautiful home is overlooking San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The California-based architect Craig Steely has shown us what kind of miracles he can do with redesigning his own house in San Francisco, but this piece of art is a whole other league. Take a look at this amazing luxurious interior and the breathtaking views from each window.

Luxury bathroom interior


Luxury bathroom interior

This is actually another redesign by the talented architect who doesn’t seize to amaze us with his unconventional but very practical new ideas for old houses. This home originally has four –bedroom and four- bathroom spaces but Craig’s thought in action turned this penthouse apartment around into an open-concept space where you can still find privacy but also appreciate the expanding area and every detail of the gorgeous interior.

Natural wood kitchen interior


Natural wood kitchen interior

One of the best things about this home is the use of natural materials combined with ultra-modern elements flowing perfectly into a complete urban atmosphere. From the rich black walnut floors and beautiful wood kitchen to the chic bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls – which are Craig’s specialty, everything is pure perfection. The home receives natural light from the big windows, which makes this urban home even more warm and inviting, Craig has amazed us with his previous redesigns but you can tell that this is one of his most exceptional works.

Luxury penthouse apartment design


Luxury penthouse apartment design

The beautiful luxurious interior is sunbathing all day in natural light and modern glamour. The amazing home is not only suitable for a weekend vacation it is definitely designed for living. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this? The gorgeous, chic design combined with natural beauty from wooden materials make the area glow with a unique inner light. The furniture and all of the interior features match so well as if they were designed for each other, all of this beauty combined with such style and care makes you forget about everything in an instant…

Open plan living area


Open plan living area interior design

Luxury apartment bathroom


Luxury apartment bathroom interior design

Clean lines corridor apartment design


Clean lines corridor apartment design

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